others touching your Chanel bag

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  1. I hate it when other people touch my Chanel bags especially if its on its first outing, I want to keep it good condition for as long as I can and any damage should only be caused by me so I can't blame anyone.....are you the same?

    How do you tell people do not touch your bag?
  2. Nobody has ever really tried to touch any of mine. Are you talking about friends or strangers?
  3. Just say something to the effect of, "Can you please stop touching my bag, I don't appreicate you doing that..." or "ICK - get your GRUBBY hands OFF my bag!"
  4. TOUCHING MY WHAT ???!!!! :wtf: How Rude !!:yucky:
  5. If they were my friends I wouldn't mind since they know how much I value my bags but I would feel the same as you if I didn't know them well. I'd be tempted to stop them by saying "Oh, can you believe it?! I just wiped bird **** off it, not sure if I got all of it, what do you think?":roflmfao:
    THAT should stop them putting their grubby hands on your lovely bags!LOL
  6. LOL
  7. Good one! :lol:

    I'm a bit of a germaphobe, so I hate people's hands on my things anyway.
  8. hm... i dont mind if people touch my bag. i mean im glad they appreicate it as much as i do. But i guess it goes both ways right. its not like i let random people touch my bag...
  9. Haha, i actually get kinda nervous and irritated too when people start touching my bag or when strangers out in public accidentally walk into it or bump it. I don't like it, that's why i think it took me forever to bring my cambon tote out because the leather is not quite caviar and it already has one scratch on it cause of me putting it back into its dust bag. So im really careful and when my friends or family decide they wanna touch it, depending on who, i tell them to please don't scratch it or don't touch! and if someone i don't know bumps into it i give them a dirty look. haha.
  10. I'm so paranoid about people touching them, that they have to have their own seat in restaurants!
  11. Me too! When I first moved into my parents house (I have upstairs quarters), my Mom brought one of her "over the top" friends in to see my bag collection. That woman was literally pawing and petting them like they were live animals, rubbing her face on my Reporter :wtf: and pissing me off to the point where I told my Mom NEVER TO BRING HER UPSTAIRS AGAIN! After she left I literally took clorox wipes to my bags, lightly rubbing them down. I still shudder when I think of that day...:yucky:
  12. love the quote.. HAHA..
  13. This happened to me when I got my MJ Stam - a friend's mum was like "OMG that's so gorgeous! I want to see how it looks on me!" and proceeded to take it out of my hands, try it on and preen in front of her mirror. I just stood there while she swung it from side to side, picked it up by the chain and hung it over her shoulder (I never use the chain, as I carry a lot in my bags and I thought the chain might snap) and scrape her nails all over it. By the time she called in her youngest daughter (aged 8) to "have a go," I thought I was going to have a stroke!

    I imagine it's even worse with Chanel, because they're more fragile, more gorgeous and far more expensive!

    It's such a difficult situation, because if you say anything, you're considered touchy and overprotective, but do you keep quiet and sacrifice your bag?! One of my other friends is very vocal about this - her justification is that if her bag gets scratched, she has to live with it and the person who scratched it will never know what they did! I just wish I was as brave as she is...
  14. I don't mind for other people touching my bags, if it is a gentle touch. However, I am irritated by other people hitting, bumping to, or scratching my bag. :mad:
  15. OMG:wtf: You didn't let her 8 year old have a go too did you? You poor thing! At that point I would have definitely strangled the woman lol:boxing: