Other uses for the pocket agenda?

  1. I already have a small ring agenda that I love and use as an agenda/wallet combo. I just think the pocket agenda is so cute! i don't need another agenda-any other ideas of what it can be used for?

    And, yes, I think it is so cute I am trying to justify buying one-lol!
  2. Is the pocket agenda the long one? Maybe a check book holder? Or am I thinking of the wrong one? heehee
  3. i use it to hold my credit cards-it has three slots(each slot can hold a couple of cards, and i put money in as well as several pics.
    I actually don't use it as checkbook holder. Sometimes I use as 'clutch' when run to grocery store. love price=-195.00!!!!!
    I have the damier-it looks wonderful!
  4. I too have a Damier Pocket Agenda like LABAG. I simply use mine as an agenda and a receipt holder. I have not inserted any CC's into the slots.
  5. I use mine as a checkbook holder
  6. I use it as a wallet, card holder. Its very versitle.
    IMG_0752.JPG IMG_0753.JPG
  7. That's actually a Pocket Organizer. This is a Pocket Agenda:

  8. argh-I guess I could use it as a wallet/card holder, right? I really like it-this LV habit I have developed is not good
  9. Are you going to get it already?!?!?
  10. its so versatile. id use it as a cc holder, wallet, checkbook holder. etc.