Other uses for an LV box

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  1. Okay, I know this is a super dorky post, but I was having fun with my digital camera and thought I'd share these pics.

    I have a Bluetooth headset that I use with my cell phone if I'm driving or doing something like laundry around the house where I need my hands free. It works fine, but the problem is that when it's in my purse it somehow always manages to activate itself and start calling people. It can get a little embarassing! I hadn't found a way to stop the button from getting pressed accidentally, until now! When I got my Damier Speedy, they didn't include the lock when they sent it. When I asked about it, they sent the lock separately in a little LV jewelry box. It is the perfect size for my Bluetooth, like it was made for it, and now it doesn't call anyone it's not supposed to!

    Here are some pictures:
    IMG_2414_1_1_1.JPG IMG_2419_2_1.JPG
  2. what a cute idea!
  3. Not dorky at all!
  4. Oh this is great; I just posted another thread about boxes...sorry Mods I didn't see this one.:nogood:
  5. thanks for sharing that idea!:flowers:
  6. I just recently got my gloves together and put them in a big LV box. They usually end up scattered throughout drawers and in various odd spots, so it will be interesting to see if having a dedicated glove box helps me to keep track of where they are.
  7. ooh the tiny box is adorable!
  8. I have mine on my desk and use them for some things(desk related)
  9. that's clever!
  10. That is a great idea! LOVE that little box too....how cute :smile:
  11. ~Thanks for sharing, hey..whatever works-kudo:cutesy:~
  12. Neat idea :nuts:
  13. That's a cool idea. Another member here arranged all the boxes together to create storage for jewelry. Might as well put all those cute brown boxes to work.
  14. great idea ! well done
  15. Great idea! That box is soooo cute!