other tokidoki shops in san diego?

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  1. Anyone know of any other shops in san diego that sell tokidoki besides macy's and bloomingdales? :confused1:
  2. Oo. I have to remember which mall it is, but as soon as I so, I'll let you know. ^_^ It wasn't for bags, but it was for apparel, just so you know.
  3. The only other stores that sell Tokidoki merchandise that I know of are The Assembly in Hillcrest and The Orphinage in Chula Vista. The Assembly sells shirts, hats, and the skate decks but not the bags. I haven't been to The Orphinage before, but I know they had clothes, don't know if they have the LeSportsac bags. Also, if you're also looking for the Tokidoki stationery and journal, Babettle Schwartz in Hillcrest has them in stock.

    Unfortunately, the best bet for the Tokidoki Lesportsac bags in San Diego are the major department stores. The closest boutiques that have the bags are in Irvine and Los Angeles. Maybe another San Diegan here can shed some light as to whether or not there are more stores that carry Toki.
  4. Armory (Pacific Beach)
    1539 Garnet Ave.
    San Diego, CA 92109

    They're a street boutique carries Tokidoki tees, jewelery, accessories. Not much on the purses tho if I remember correctly.