Other tokidoki products

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  1. I've been noticing a lot of people asking about other tokidoki products and a while back I came across this picture so I thought I'd share it with you ladies :smile:

    you can find it here on vinyl pulse...

    This was around January... so Europe probably has some of this stuff (like a while back someone had a tokidoki polo that I thought was adorable but they only found it in Europe!)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    there's underwear and a bathing suit plus other stuff :nuts:
  2. OMG I LOVVEEE that huge Bastardino !!!
  3. I saw toki panties!

    OMG, that lil bag laying on the bathingsuit...I WANT IT! It's that print of my fave toki shirt!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.
  4. toki panties..you will be miiiiiiineeee... as long as i can fit my ghetto booty into them.

    last week i got an email from the toki distributors in europe and the addresses of places i can get them at milan. 4 more months my precious expensive goodies... 4 months.... :heart:
  5. lol ragdollia ... sounds like you're ready and set for toki shopping in italy!! It'll be fun I'm sure :yes:
  6. I hope someone lets me know when the panties come out :biggrin: lol.
  7. haha ragdollia... you know you're going to be my tokidoki dealer in Europe!

    I swear everything I get into is like drugs... they're addicting, cost more than crack, and you go into withdrawal if you haven't had you recent dose of it...
  8. omg bathing suit! omg panties! and is that a plush adios doll on the shelf in the background?!! :nuts:
  9. Love the toki panties and bathing suit! That's something my DH would totally support me spending money on :graucho:
  10. :wtf: OMG we were JUST talking about toki undies in the other thread!! hahahahaha I had no idea they actually made them!! AND BIKINIS TOO?!?! I really hope they sell them in the US soon!! :nuts:

    Those huge Sandy and Bastardino figures are TDF!! :wtf: And if that IS an Adios plush in the background, I WANT IT~!!!

    Sabochan too~

    (I love Adios too much) :yes:
  11. yeah babyyyyyy im set and mentalized i will be paying my cc debt for 20 years after italy! wooohooooo!!!! :yahoo:hahahahha
  12. LOL oh the joy of Tokis!! I swear, its the cure-all thing!
  13. I think toki creates more problems, not solves them hahahhaaahhaa.
  14. hahahaha ill be the Toki Mob, straight from italia! La Toki Nostra! the real Moofia. bwahahahaa! i will be the Capo Crimini(boss of all bosses) and you will be my Capos and Associates!
  15. Here is the range of Spanish Tokidoki nightwear and underwear.
    I wanted to get some but the minimum order is just over $5000:wtf:

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