Other then BalNY has anyone seen a BG day w/ reg. hw?

  1. I've checked NM and Saks and no luck. Thanks
  2. What does BG stand for? Blue Gray?:shrugs:
  3. Blue Glacier
  4. No, but i saw a Work today at my NM with RH.:yes:

  5. Isn't it pretty? My NM had the work too. Think I'd like the day in this color and forget about the FB I was going to get. Seems pretty easy to wear.
  6. What is RH? thanks.
  7. RH = Regular Hardware
    GH= Giant Hardware:yes:
  8. Regular Hardware, not the gold ones.;)
  9. I love this color. I just wish the leather was not so veiny. :sad: I think it will look gorgeous in a Day or even First.:yes:
  10. I got the impression that it isn't so much that the leather is veiny - just that the dye job is kind of "mottled" ... but I haven't seen it IRL.
  11. I can just imagine how pretty the BG day would look with RH or GH. If I were you, I wouldn't give up just yet. Try calling Aloha Rag, Daphne at BalNY, and other locations of NM and Saks. Sometimes one location has it and the other doesn't. The SA aren't incentivized to help you locate one, they just want to sell their existing inventory.

    Good luck!
  12. Aloha Rag has a City. Not sure about the day because I just asked about their City selection. You may want to try them if you haven't already.

    Look at this beauty!