Other then Bal NY Where can I find a reg.hw Day in Violet?

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  1. I'm so picky about the leather and have no exchanges left at Balenciaga. Would love to find a bag somewhere without exchange hassles.
  2. what's no exchanges left at Balenciaga mean? Does it mean they only allow a limited amount of exchanges? Is this with all stores?
  3. Balenciaga NY only allows you to make 2 exchanges period. I'm so picky about leather and twice exchanged for another of the exact same thing. I'm out of exchanges. No more for me. Therefore I will not buy from them unless I have no other choice.
  4. Well I changed my mind. After looking at all the lovely pictures of the day w/ gsh I went with that! My new day is on the way. I'll post pictures once it arrives.
  5. congrats on ur new baby!