Other than your MJ bag, which is your second favorite brand?

  1. 1st Fave is my Black Tere then Vermillion Sofia

    2nd Fave in other designer is my super huge Hayden Harnett Nico XX in Chocolate.
  2. My second favorite brand is Rebecca Minkoff
  3. ^^ morning after bag? that's a nice one :smile:

    ** nice avatar....when i was in jr. high i though i'd be mrs. jonathan knight...hehe
  4. Yep! My fave from her line!:heart:

    She's a close second to my first love, Marc! Loooove his soft calf pieces and the MBMJ turnlock line

  5. Specific bag or general brand?

    1st fave black Tere Tote - just like you mslgrrl :p, (will see if the black Venetia w/GH beats it out - hopefully it comes tomorrow :sweatdrop:)

    2nd fave is Fendi, specifically my LE quilted Magic bag (another bag I searched endlessly for). :love:

  6. Whoa GUNG, that's insane! :nuts:
  7. LOL!

    Yes, but my two Venetias are my priceless most favorite babies!
  8. OMG!:nuts: Thundercloud called me crazy for having 3 Lolas! Love the green one!
  9. gung, that's a great collection. very lovely colors!

    my second favorite designer would have to be balenciaga. i love those bbags. i'm a big fan of miu miu too.
  10. omg, GUNG, what a collection! Looks just like an RM sample closet! I just have 2 of her MA minis...but Rebecca Minkoff is my second favorite as well. MJ is way up on a pedestal currently...
  11. For mid-end, Rebecca Minkoff; for high end, Alexander McQueen
  12. Balenciaga - but MJ will always be my first love!
  13. I would have to say RM too!!
  14. If we're talking bags we'd like to have, then Balenciaga fo sho! I'd love a Balenciaga - they're beautiful, and the colors are divine. But if we're talking in reality :p, I'd have to say some of the older Banana Republic bags are my favorites. They're made from a really high quality leather, they're great designs, comfortable, light-weight, and have held up INCREDIBLY well!

    I have the Kempton Harness Tote:

    The Ashbury Four-Pocket Hobo:

    And this black suede hobo (which is now my "rain bag" and has held up like no other bag I've EVER owned :wtf:):

    Banana's older bags were made from the same leather as some Coach bags, I believe. In any case, I never paid more than $150 for any of them, and they're incredibly great bags! So in reality, I'd say BR is my second favorite brand.
  15. i have a BR bag that i got at TJMaxx, that's also my rain bag. It's not the biggest but it sure holds a lot of stuff. At one point I had my DSLR, 3 lenses, MJ ZC, phone, keys...you get the idea. BR is one of my favs, and I'd love to own a BBag one day.