other than your b bag

  1. what other bag would you prefer to carry other than your b bag :crybaby:
  2. my birkin;) :heart:
  3. very good choice
  4. Chloe Silverado.
  5. I alternate with my LV speedy 25 and Batignolles. I adore LV and Balenciaga equally.
  6. ^ me too.. lately i've been using my lv vavin gm alot.
  7. Blasphemy!
  8. If I had a Manhattan GM I would carry that. Does that count?
  9. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. of course:yes::yes: my other choice than my b bag would be my hermes or chloe bag:flowers:
  11. My YSL Muse in anthracite.
  12. My Chanel Luxe black metallic bowler. :smile:
  13. The ones that I always reach for or take with me when I go out of town are below, but I don't really prefer any of them over my B City bags. For every day use I love Bbags because they are light, comfortable, functional and beautiful. With the tassels removed they don't look as trendy, but I love the tassels. :yes:
    LV Damier Triana (love this bag)
    LV Multi color Alma
    Prada Pushlock in Tobacco
    MJ Camel Frankie
    Botkier Stirrup
    Hogan shoulder bag( don't know the style name)
  14. damier speedy and chanel classic flap
  15. my ron herman blue haired lady with flowers tote!:love: