Other than coach.com where can you buy online?

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  1. I tried NM and they don't carry Coach, neither do Bloomies or Saks have it on their websites. Where can you buy Coach online since coach.com does not ship to Canada?
  2. I know macys.com does....
  3. Thanks. Figures though that they don't ship to Canada.

    I thought NM carried Coach.
  4. Did you try Nordstrom.com?
  5. have u tried just getting ur local holt renfrew to order the item u want for u?
  6. Nordies does not have Coach on their website.


    With the dollar at par, why would I want to pay Canadian pricing, which is roughly 25% higher? I recently bought a bag on eBay that was priced at retail and was $338US. The same bag at Holt is $420CDN.
  7. that is y i just take a drive to the US when i want a bag. if u cant do that, even if u order online from the states, u will likely get slapped w the duty and gst/pst when u pick it up, so it could end up being just as high.
  8. No, it wouldn't be as high.

    6% on $338 + $5 customs handling charge does not come to $420.
  9. Amazon does. I'm not sure about their shipping policies, but it'd be worth checking out. =) Good luck.
  10. Sometimes, the custom charges higher based on the item values too :cursing: but you can get lucky if they let your item passes through. ;)

  11. Amazon is from private sellers and I trust them much less than I trust ebay when it comes to fakes.

  12. :tup: Thank you Mokoni! Their prices look really good as well.
  13. Actually, just a heads up for you...those prices are actually really high. I have seen all those bags at the outlet within the last year and a half for much, much, much cheaper. Is there any way you can get to a Coach outlet? Where in Canada are you?
  14. Bluefly.com has a couple now and then.