Other Sub Forums????

  1. There were 2 threads yesterday asking about new subforums. 1 was for Prada, the other for Brand Name bags. Does anyone know where they went or what the resolution was? If the mods have decided against it, is there a reason? I searched the forum but the threads have disappeared!

  2. Don't know about the Prada thread-but the one for lower end/Coach sub forum was moved into the "site feedback" forum. I know because I went looking for it earlier! :biggrin:
  3. BTW-Kiari-I love min-pins! So cute-what is his/her name?
  4. What we really need is a YSL forum!!!!
  5. Ahh okay thanks!
    <---Thats my Lily:heart: She will be 4 this summer :cry: they grow so FAST! At least older if not larger;)