Other stores that help with print placement?

  1. Hey, I am wondering what other (if any) stores are out there that will help you with print placement & do chargesend?

    I ordered a Spiaggia Bambinone from Pulse and it is great, but now I am thinking of selling it for a larger style (buon viaggio or maybe mamma mia). But the only one Pulse has left has the same print on both sides so it is completely missing the underwater part. It is the same story on eBay, all the bags have near identical prints on both sides. So if I don't find a replacement bag in the next 3 days I need to cancel my Bambinone auction because why give up a small bag with good print placement for a large bag with a bag one?

    Any help would be much appreciated. I am wondering if maybe the LeSportSac boutiques would help with placement? But have they even received Spiaggia?

  2. JapanLA! Jamie was wonderful at helping me find the perfect Adios Star Zucca (Bastardino and Polpettina on the front!).
  3. Good point, but I don't think they have received Spiaggia. I emailed them when Pulse got their shipment & Jamie said that they would sent out an email once they got it in...
  4. The Lesportsac store in Beverly Center and also in Las Vegas have received Spiaggia. Both stores will help with print placement and are really nice about it. They said it's selling out fast though...hurry and order something cute :p
  5. Definitely try the LeSportsac in the Beverly Center. I ordered my mom a spiaggia stellina for Mother's Day and although they only had five left, the SA described the print placement on each bag for me so I could choose. We were on the phone for about 30 minutes and never once did she make me feel like I was hassling her.

    Best customer service I have ever received from dealing with anyone associated with LeSportsac- and she even sent me a thank you note for ordering through her store.
  6. Same thing here I called the Beverly Center one like 5 times last nite with questions and Jill helped us out and is shipping the bag today. Also called Vegas and they were really great also.
  7. I emailed both and never got a reply from Las Vegas. The girl from the Beverly Center did reply, but said all their bags were pretty much the same on both bags. So I just ended up buying one from Pulse because it was pretty good placement with free shipping. Sometimes it seems like their prices are lower too, because the bambinone I got from them was $124.99 instead of $130.