Other soak off gel polish

  1. Thank you so much! I have to have this color!!! I just responded to FK asking where I can get these from, where have you ordered Gia from in the past?
  2. Lol just private messaged you. Did you get it?

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  3. Yes, got it and just responded :smile:
  4. Now who's speedy? ;)

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  5. Beautiful neat mani and lovely nails!

    I have this colour in a pot it's lovely, I get my GIA on eBay but I am in UK.
  6. Would anyone happen to have a swatch of NSI's Your Palace or Mine? I would like to see if it really has a blue flash that the standard swatch dot represents. Or if anyone knows of a dupe or near dupe I would love to hear it! Thanks in advance!
  7. Would someone please describe CND Shellac Zillionaire to me? I can't for the life of me figure it out from swatches. TIA
  8. I don't have it yet but it's a clear base with I think shimmer and some little flakies. Might be only flakies. From what I have seen its not densely packed, but I want it anyway. Lol

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  9. Just got an email from a shopping magazine.....the headline read - "New-trend alert: matching lips to nails". This may not go so well for those of us who like to wear the funky manicures with blues, greens, purples, blacks and blingy glitter.

  10. Nailite is in South Florida and I walked in and bought my UV light from them last Feb. No license needed. HTH
  11. Thank you for the info!

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  12. Good Morning fellow nail polish lovers.
    I invested in the Charisma SOG additive so I could use some of my hundreds of regular polishes. It came yesterday so I had to try it. You get an 8oz bottle of additive for your $50.00 and on the back it tells you what % of additive to polish you should mix. The lighter the color the less additive you need. I also purchased the mixing bottles and they are great as it has the lines for 25%, 30% ect. of additive and then the line for the polish. Every bottle has a lable you can use to note your color and recipe. So I mixed one of the China Glaze Holos, BFF. Today I used it for my mani and it worked very well.
    Holos are hard to get on in regluar polish but this was much better. I used a thicker application than I would with reglar SOG polish but other than that did my regular mani application, Gelish foundation and top coat. Here is a photo of the mani. I don't see why you could not just mix up a small amount of the color you want in a contact lens case. The additive would last forever at that rate. I will let you kow how it holds up and how the removal is as I will only be leaving it on for about 8 days.
    China Glaze BBF.jpg
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  14. That's awesome! Thanks for the info! Can't wait to hear how it holds up. Did you use a UV or LED light to cure?

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  15. Hehe, there'll be a sudden rush on those glitzy lips foils next so our lips match our nails. Lol

    So does it cure in the light completely hard, or does it still need some dry time like reg polish?

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