Other soak off gel polish

  1. You got that right, baby. :tdown::pout:
  2. My Gia holo silver is like that too - VERY thick. It's very similar to holgram diamond (which is the only reason I didn't buy that one too, LOL).

    I've used those gel off clips. They are OK. Not sure how well they'd hold up over time - the two halves are just held together by a little o-ring. I've only used mine 2-3 times. I find I have to use more cotton ball (I break my cotton balls up for the finger protectors) and thus more acetone because they are bigger and don't fit tightly. . However, no acetone drips, so I use them on my mom for her soak offs when I have regular polish over my gel and don't wan to mess it up. I did a review of them somewhere - maybe in the rubber thimble thread? I can't find it at the moment. Forum search isn't working for me (we are having internet issues).

    Oh finally! It only took 3 full mins of thinking for the search to come up! LOL

    The addiction takes over fast too! LOL. Most of us admit it pretty readily though - there's not much of a denial stage. LOL

    Ulta just started carrying the Progel like last week, so you weren't just missing it! :smile: For my ulta it was on an endcap facing the middle of the store, but about 3-4 aisles in from the entrance, more with makeup stuff than nail polish.

    I REALLY like it with the taffeta over it!

    I let it drip off the brush. I pull the brush out of the bottle fully loaded, not wiping it on the side of the bottle neck and then just let it drip off. after 1-2 drops I reload, so the drops stay about the same size. HTH.
  3. I have swatches swimming in my head! Ah! I fell asleep watching tv I woke up thinking "Shangri-la? Angel From Above? Maybe I should get some of the pastels I've been eyeing from the wedding collection?" Earlier while spending time with my boyfriend I found myself daydreaming about manis lol. I think I can say this obsession has officially taken over my life lol
  4. I have Progel clean linen which is an ultra bright (paper white)! I love it!!!
  5. I need catching up, arghhh.... I leave u ladies for a day and now I'm soooo behind!!! :/
  6. Is this my IBD Marigold dupe??? Does it have the pink shimmer in it??? It looks great in the pic!!
  7. OMG is right! Will you use this over SOG? Any pics over SOG? Need this one I think!
  8. I'm thinking of doing SOG/holo sandwich. I'll swatch it over SOG, I know some holo's are tricky to get a good application. I keep seeing references to aqua base but I'll try it first with the gel base and TIO.

    If all else fails...it's going on my toes! :biggrin:
  9. Will be waiting for your swatches - can't wait!
  10. OMG!!! I was just about to get up from my computer and give my mouse finger a rest too. lol ..... just 59 pages of blingy holo goodness to go. :cool:
  11. LMAO I woke up thinking about those colors too!

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  12. You got that right! I was up until almost 2am looking at swatches on all different websites and reading the threads here, lol! I should also mention that I have a 2 year old who wakes up at about 5:30 most mornings, so I basically slept for 3 hours!

    I'll check my ulta today to see if they have them. Thanks for all the info!