Other soak off gel polish

  1. There are so many coming out. Gelac is one. Eco Soak Off Gel is another.
    GelIt, Gelato, LeChat has one....they all are coming out. Nailite is another. They are all poping up on Premier and Beauty West sites. Some
    come in pots, not bottles, so need to use your own brush. Ive not tried any yet....but talk about .... Interestingly enough, I googled UV gel polish
    and Alibaba popped up. There are companies that are making this product
    in China....Check it out. Starting to think that most of these are the same
  2. Today I saw LeChat's Perfect Match duo with their Nobility gel polish (.5 oz bottle) and "free" Dare to Wear matching regular polish (promoted as for a matching pedi). They've got some really nice colors -- as usual, much nicer than what the website shows. I saw one that reminds me of OPI's Pomepii Purple -- it was a bit brighter of a pink than the Gelish Starburst. I didn't note the color, but I suspect it was the "Sangria" polish. I've seen it one place on line... I didn't pay much more for it in the store so that was nice.

    They've also released a couple of the sheer pinks in the line... their Pink Ribbon appears to be a dupe for OPI's Bubblebath, although I can't say for sure because I've only ever used OPI's Privacy Please (which is more opaque in coverage than this polish is). But it's definately a self-leveling gel just like Gelish (no streaky or patchy look, unlike my OPI polish), and the color coats cure in only 1 minute. They sell a separate SOG polish and top coat, but the beauty supply warehouse I purchased from told me I can use any SOG base/topcoat with it. Will let you know how I get along with it. Here'a a pic of the Pink Ribbon
    IMG_6539.JPG IMG_6537.JPG
  3. I see that LeChat Nobility is available on eBay but I can't find any application instructions. How long do you cure the color coats? It is just as easy to apply as Gelish?
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    Yeah, the instructions are on the inside flap of the box on the gel side, although if you go to their website you can find them in a round about way too - their website is not a good design IMO tho... it's not particularly user friendly, so you'll have to hunt. I stumbed on them but can't remember how to be honest. All color coats are cured for one minute. And yes, just as easy to apply as Gelish -- I almost wonder if they are licensing the Gelish technology as the polish "feels" exactly the same and it "behaves" like Gelish during the application (self levels, etc.). Their website does not do the colors justice.

    I'm using it with my Gelish top & base btw and so far no problems whatsoever.
  5. A picture of my LeChat Marilyn Merlot mani. It needed three coats for even coverage, but I've read posts indicating that's normal for dark colors. The last two pics are after 1 week. There is one tiny chip on my thumb. Intestingly enough, it took off the top and a layer or two of the color coats, but obviously left atleast one layer of polish under the chip so i've not bothered to touch up since it's barely noticeable. The growth is pretty obvious with the dark colors -- the only drawback since I've not had that issue since I stopped wearing acrylics some 5 odd years ago.
    IMG_6586.JPG IMG_6602.JPG IMG_6598.JPG

  6. Oh I like! It's a dark color but without being so dark that it looks black. I need (well not "need" but would like!) some in between colors. Like lighter than bella's vampire but darker than stand out, elegant wish....

    Anyway, I pulled up this link for lechat colors. I like that it says if it a frost or a creme or sheer. Helps deciding. I do have some colors that are frosted and I wouldn't mind having the creme version.


    And beautywests has them all in stock now and with different pics. They show the polish bottle of the regular polish so maybe that helps too. They also put up more of the other lines but they aren't showing as available yet but it's a nice preview :graucho:.

    My gelac mani didn't hold up well, peeling on the nails where it looked thick. I peeld off an entire nail. But my other gelac color looks to be a better consistency. My base coat application wasn't like they suggest. So I'm not giving up on this line yet and the colors are very pretty. And if you have tutti fruiti in shellac, haute pink looks like a dupe. I'll have to swatch it to be sure.

    I think I might need rehab for a polish addiction.....:p
  7. Hey! I found this new thread. That is a pretty color and it looks really good on your nails. It does look very similar to Geleration's windsor castle to me which I have and like. This is why I want to see all the colors before I buy them! I wish there was a way to see accurate swatches besides ours!

  8. What do you think of IBD's Rosy Future? I am so hoping that its similar to OPI's version?
  9. I'd definately call this polish a dark Blackberry color. It's red-based (no purple) so while it can look dark in dimmer lighting, there's no mistaking it for black. I don't know what the original "Vamp" color actually is (red-based, purple-based, black-based?)

    I like a couple of the LeChat colors that will be released later. At this point, I probably need rehab too! Bummer about the Gelac mani, but it may take a couple of attempts before figuring it out. I didn't do well with my first Shellac mani, but my second turned out better. But by then I was totally over it too, so hopefully that won't happen for you. :smile:

    Whaaaat??? You're just now discovering this thread? :nuts: Heh heh... glad to see you here. :smile: This one is pretty quiet right now. And thanks... I like the color, but I'm not used to seeing dark colors on me as I pretty much just stopped wearing them after I got tired of regular polish chipping after a couple of days. I've got Windsor Castle, but haven't compared it really to the Marilyn Merlot, but the MM is red-based versus Windsor Castle which I seem to recall being purple. The MM is actually closer to GELeration's Midnight Affair, but the MA is also purple-based in comparison to the MM.
  10. I think the windsor castle is red based. I would describe it as in the burgundy family. What do I know? LOL I did post a pic in the geleration thread you can reference. I did only use 2 coats so it would probably appear darker with 3.
  11. Hi Ladies. I've been reading all the gel threads and I'm finally going to get it done at my regular nail salon today. They use OPI Axxium there, so I just Googled it to get some more info. I found this blog that has some gorgeous pics and a review: http://imabeautygeek.com/2010/05/10/4-weeks-opi-axxium-soak-off-gel-mani/http://imabeautygeek.com/2010/05/10/4-weeks-opi-axxium-soak-off-gel-mani/

    I got acrylics about 2 weeks ago, and they are awful. So, they are going to have to soak them off before doing the gel manicure, and I know my nails are a wholly mess underneath. Hope the gel looks ok on short, messed up nail beds!
  12. Good luck! Would love to see a picture of your new mani. I'm sure if your acrylics were applied properly and are removed properly (soaking in acetone to soften, not clipping/ripping the hard acrylic off) there should be minimal damage to your nailbeds. And there are plenty of pictures on these threads on shorter nails and the gel polish looks beautiful.
  13. If I didn't know better, I would think you were trying to "ditch us" on the other sog nail boards. Just found this thread. Your nails in the pics look gorgeous and very professional; I love the pics of them from Oct. 3 as well, so elegant with that color.

    I just posted to the Dashing Diva thread my 2nd attempt at the wide nail wrap for french manicure. It seems to be quiet on all the threads lately.
  14. Heh heh, NEVER! The LeChat's were my latest acquisition, so I wanted to try them out. :smile: I want to eek this out another week, but I'm also dying to put on a new color. I've got a week to decide what I'm going to use next... hmm, Gelish or GELeration? And then what color? I've yet to do a creme purple mani, so I may go for Windsor Castle, but I wonder if that will be too similar to what I've got on now. Sigh. Decisions, decisions. I'm open to suggestions....

    I'd really like to find a creme brown similar to Shellac's Fedora which I think is a brown-red. All of the lines seem to have red-purples rather than red-browns. Any suggestions? I'm also jealous of the creme taupes/beiges I see put out in regular polish. I'd so like a creme taupe or beige in a SOG...

    Thanks for the compliments! My enthusiasm for taking pride in keeping my nails nice with manis has totally come back since finding these gel polishes. I love the durability. Really makes so much of a difference to my spirit to know that I'm not going to put all this time and effort into putting on polish only to have to take it off two days later. KWIM?

    I agree, generally the boards have been quiet lately. Could be the time of year -- I'm not finding myself with as much free time now that it's going into fall/winter. I'm guessing school schedules also impacts usage too.
  15. Not sure what the opi color looks like but gelac rosy future looks to me as a "barbie" pink! :biggrin: