Other selling websites.

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  1. Are there any other websites besides eBay where we can sell our goods? I am just so fed up with all the crap dealing with eBay. So does anyone know where else we can sell our stuff? TIA!!
  2. I noticed recently that mypoupette.com has a little auction site. I have no idea what the rules are or anything like that, just noticed that it's there.
  3. craigslist? i've seen a few nice, authentic bags on there, but you have to watch out for scammers there too.
  4. I've been checking out Portero.com, but they are a consignment site so they take a portion of the selling price. Very nice high-end bags on the site.
  5. My Poupette is a possibility, but there are strict rules for membership and the traffic is limited. A few of the large resellers, like Portero have their own websites and I think somewhere there is a Google auction listing facility, but the bottom line alas is that most potential buyers will only go to eBay . . .
  6. i've heard of ebay express but havent personally experienced it. can someone please tell me what exactly it is? TIA

  7. Ebay Express is just NEW items with BIN. If you list NWT and have a BIN your item will been viewed in Ebay Express as well as Ebay...
  8. You also have to shipped to unconfirmed addresses on ebay express. If you have it set that you will not ship to un-confirmed addresses it will not show up on ebeay express
  9. ^ thanks ladies :heart:
  10. Huh??

    My listings are set up to only ship to confirmed addresses and my items show up in Ebay Express??????
  11. I sell on eBay.com
    You’ll need to meet the following merchant, listing, and category criteria to be eligible to sell on eBay Express:
    Merchant criteria
    • Maintain a Feedback Score of 100 or more, and a Positive Feedback rating of 98% or better.
      • Positive Feedback represents the percentage of positive ratings left by eBay members.
      • These ratings help determine your Feedback Score, which reflects how many shoppers left positive ratings on your account. Learn more about Feedback Scores.
    • Maintain a public feedback profile.
    • Support your listings with a PayPal Premier or PayPal Business account. Set your PayPal Receiving Preferences by clicking the No or Ask Me buttons to accept payments from unconfirmed addresses or make sale-by-sale decisions.
    Setting your PayPal Receiving Preferences to ship to unconfirmed addresses or make sale-by-sale decisions
    To change your preferences:
    • Go to PayPal.com and log in.
    • Click the My Account tab and select Profile.
    • Select Selling Preferences then Payment Receiving Preferences.
    • Under the preference, "Block payments from U.S. users who do not provide a Confirmed Address:" select the No or Ask Me buttons.

    • Be registered as a U.S. registered seller, or Canadian registered seller.
    • Allow shoppers to pay for multiple items with a single payment. Specify this on the Preferences page within My eBay the Shipping and Discounts section.
    Not sure how they are showing it...these are the requirements from the ebay express sight. I had changed mine for a while, but got to many "unconfirmed" buyers on my highend items so I changed it to "ask me" so I can choose wether or not to make the sell.