Other real estate agents?

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  1. I'm just curious if there are any other real estate agents on tpf! If so, what area do you work? I'm in south Florida, going on my first year in a really competitive market :smile:
  2. I am not an agent, but have worked in the industry. I spent a couple years at a title company as an escrow officer, and I am currently a mortgage loan processer/closer.
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  3. I'm a loan officer and a loan officer assistant
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  4. I'm in the process to do my application of my exam and license for CA Real Estate Agent. [emoji2]
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  5. Congrats on getting your license! Have you already decided what agency you want to join? I work with eXp Realty and love it!
  6. I am not sure what agency I want to work with. Either Coldwell Banker or Century 21. But would prefer RE/MAX, but I rather wait till I gain lots of clients.
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    Very cool! Well if you decide you want to check out eXp let me know and I will get you a guest pass to the Cloud Campus (it's a cloud based brokerage) It's a new agency but it's constantly being featured in Realtor news because it is truly groundbreaking. I'm not just saying that because I went with them. I left another agency for eXp and so have some higher ups at other agencies. It's incredible. I love them lol.

    Edit: you really should go look up Kunversion on youtube. It's super informative and what we use to run ads and manage leads, etc.
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  8. I'm a broker in Tacoma WA
  9. I keep saying I want to go to school for my license, I need to just go ahead and do it :smile:.
  10. I did mine all online and bought online practice tests and was all good to go. It's easy!
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  11. There is a school nearby that offers real estate classes and licensing and they also take financial aid, and I qualify for a Pell grant for it!
  12. School is the cheap part. Everything else is what is expensive. The MLS fees are high, whether you sell anything or not, you pay them. Then you may have separate brokerage and desk fees depending on who you work for. I spent a fortune just last year alone on business expenses, and it was a huge chunk of my take home, and even I do a large part of my own marketing. Fortunately, I've built a business so I've made more this year and have been able to spend a little better. I don't want to be a Debbie downer, but I've seen many people unprepared to spend money in my industry, then they hop out as quickly as they hopped in. You gotta spend money to make it. Best of luck to you. It can be a great career!
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  13. That is great advice! I lucked out and met with a friend's stepdad who owns a brokerage and he charges agents $275/mo to be under his brokerage with access to MLS but then lets you keep your entire commission. He said since I would be starting out he wouldn't charge me until I made my first big sale. Marketing and branding is definitely something I would need to focus on and save up money to spend. I've got a lot of tattoos so I feel like I can appeal to a niche market in my area, but they have to hear about me first!
  14. That sounds perfect!! And yes, I think you can make tattoos work great for you. I'm young, and that's very atypical in my area for a real estate agent, so I make it work for my benefit. My only advice would be to create a Facebook business page and use it everyday. People will google you and will search for you, and I frequently post on mine, and I've had many people find me that way. Be sure to make videos too, very important. They don't need to be fancy, but even using your webcam and dressing the part will make a huge difference. Hope it all goes great for you!!
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  15. I have tattoos and facial piercings and it does bring more millennials my way! I did 3.5 mil in sales my second year. As for getting known I just hand my card to everyone [emoji4] it's worked well for me. Also social media is great for getting known.
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