Other places to buy in TX???

  1. Hi, all,

    I looked at the list, but the only retailers in Texas that I am aware of are Mix Modern in Houston and NM in San Antonio... Does anyone know of any others, maybe some in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?

  2. Saks in San Antonio as well.
  3. no, i dont think so bc my sister lives in dallas/plano area and when we hit up all the stores-no luck...i would advise just ordering it from NY if you already know what you want!
  4. I have a Twiggy on hold from the Saks in San Antonio, so I know they have stock there.
  5. I can't find them here :sad:
    Barney's is opening their 3rd largest store in the country though in Sept at the Northpark Mall in Dallas, they're sure to havce a nice selection if you can wait!
  6. Sweet, thanks everyone!