other photos of MRS BECKHAM'S Prada

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  1. It looks vintage. I'm not really a fan of this bag. Her sunnies are hot though
    1306-349x600.jpg 2278-327x600.jpg 3202-369x600.jpg
  2. I Love The Bag!!!!!
  3. woowww i love her bag:biggrin:
  4. I'm liking the bag more and more each day! Oh no!!!!
  5. Such an awesome bag!! :love:
    I'm normally not necessarily a fan of Victoria Beckham, but I also love her hair on these photos! It looks amazing!! :yes:
  6. Oo:huh:o nice bag.
    does anyone know when it'll be available and the price range?
  7. great bag!
  8. Does anyone know what model of bag is that? Is it out in stores?

    Thanks a lot

  9. Just found out it's called a Gauffre. Does anyone have more pics? or know what are the available sizes?

  10. not out yet. Last weeks Grazia in the UK quoted it as out end of July / beg August with a price tag of around 1500 pounds :smile:
  11. It's a lot of bag- it sort of takes center stage of anything else you might be wearing with it- I think it is very beautiful, but I couldn't pull it off.
  12. i love this bag too, it's so fab!