other perforated pics

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  1. I got these off of the myspace LV group ( a guy named "L" who works at an LV posted them)

    green pochette cles

    orange (at least I think it's the orange...could be pink with messed up color due to his camera)speedy 30 (he says it will cost $1200 US)

    pink pochette accessoires (he says it will cost $540 US)

    The pochette accessoires looks interesting...but that's kind of a lot to pay for a bag with holes...

  2. My sa has put one of the pochettes aside for me but I definetely have to call him to cancel out. Not because of the price more because of the ugliness!! I'm not a fan of the whole hole thing.
  3. i'm sorry, but these are so ugly...
  4. Fug-erific.
  5. I don't like any of those pieces at all. :sad:
  6. yup...deffy ugly..although I kinna like the lock there..
  7. Someone's gonna get fired over this collection.
  8. Not liking it at all. The neon colors are :blink:
  9. i am so disappointed, this is horrible...
  10. Well at least the holes in the speedy aren't as big as the holes in the MJ bag that I love and refuse to buy bc of no lining !
  11. I HATE THEM!!! I was so looking forward to getting a perf speedy. They look like bad fakes to me. Like those "creative" fakes that we see from time to time on eBay and laugh. SO DISAPOINTED!!!

  12. I think its so fun looking! Stepping out of my conservative bag taste and going for it! The pink bag and key chain will be sent to me tomorrow....should get them mid week. I guess I wont have to post pics of them here will I??? :nuts: lol...I can't wait to get them!!
  13. I kinda like the pochette!
  14. fuglicious!
  15. i actually like the pochette cles but the rest r pretty fugly
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