Other payment methods other than Paypal?

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  1. I've been screwed by Paypal on so many occasions. All of those horror stories are WAY more common *which is scary*

    What other methods are good+trusted for those in Canada as well?

    I had a lot of people tell me about BidPay and i've signed up but never have used it yet - so any inside tips will be much appreciated! :smile: :yahoo:
  2. Bidpay is definitely a good system! I have never had any problems with it! But that's the only one I have used other than Paypal (which, yes, can be a very troublesome system) :yes:
  3. BidPay from Canada to the US is very hard to do - from what one buyer was saying. The last buyer I had was told the funds had to be funded from a US Bank... But the buyer was trying to buy a $1300 Chloe and I don't know if she was telling the truth or not. She tried to pay me 5 times and BidPay would not go through - BidPay declined her payment 5 times.
  4. There was a time when Paypal ticked me off, and I stopped taking it. I had more aggravated people writing to me and asking me why I didn't take it! They thought I was hiding something or had screwed up somewhere, or that they couldn't trust me because they had no payment insurance without it. I remember seeing a huge shoe vendor on eBay a while back and his first words in big red letters in all his ads was, I DO NOT ACCEPT PAYPAL! DO NOT ASK WHY! He still did a whale of a business. I guess it depends on your feedback and reputation.
  5. nochex is okay too :smile:
  6. Wow! I have been using PayPal for years and never had 1 problem!!

    *knock on wood*
  7. I used to buy on a regular basis from 2 sellers who didnt accept paypal. One used stormpay and the other used checkfree. It worked out well. The checks went through right away there wasnt any 3-4 days waiting with checkfree. But that was a couple of years ago I dont know how it is now.
  8. How about using a direct bank wire transfer? It'd probably cost more for the buyer but its more convenient for you as the money is credited to your bank a/c.
  9. Thanks.

    Well paypal has helped me a few times so they're not THAT HORRIBLE but I have been dealt with a scammer buyer that seems to be too much for paypal to handle.

    I know for paypal that it's really easy to transfer funds from the account to the bank account.

    How about Bidpay? Can you transfer your account funds into your bank account if you're in Canada? I also read about the U.S bank thing and that may put me in a little rut when I sell and buy within Canada as well.

  10. I think with bidpay the money actually goes straight into your bank account as soon as the buyer pays you, unlike paypal where you have to manually go in and withdraw the money to your bank account.
  11. I called bidpay customer service and they said that I can't use Bidpay because I do not have a U.S base bank account. :sad:
  12. How with MoneyBookers.com?
  13. i have used bidpay, but just as a buyer and not a seller and i like it

  14. Ack, if the wire transfer is from Nigeria and some other places than do not. I regularly read all the security news and unfortunately more and more cases of reversed charges (YES, THIS CAN AND DOES HAPPEN) in a wire transfer are occuring. They happen days after the money has been deposited into your account so once you ship something out, you are at a loss. I thought too that a wire transfer was 100% safe because the money goes into your account and once it is there, well... it is there. But then I read about how Nigerian scammers are having bank transfers voided days after some how and our banks are forced to void it. I never knew that was possible. Scary huh?

    Also, from a buyer's perspective, would you ever buy anything from someone who only accepted bank transfer? I personally would not. So you automatically limit your buyer pool signigicantly.
    PayPal has it's flaws, however it is still the safest bet out there. I guess the least evil as I am going to put it.

    As long as you only ship to confirmed addresses, get signature confirmation, keep all of your paperwork and correspondence, you will be fine. I went the extra mile and only shipped in the US (even if someone was confirmed overseas). But that isnt really necessary, I was just extra cautious (and paranoid). I dont know international regulations and if someone else signs for the package and the buyer doesnt get it, I dont know how other countries handle that. At least in the US, the sender is not responsible, it is the person that signs for it.

    I have seen some auctions where people accept Bidpay so I assume it is increasing in popularity, however it is faaaaaaaaaaar behind paypal in pool of users. Google has a newer checkout system, however I do not know if it can be used with eBay.
  15. but with moneybookers you have to register as a member in order to use it, and when a buyer pays for an item for the first time, they have to verify their credit cards by entering the digits that moneybookers deducted from their bank account, it is not that convenient. How are escrow.com?