Other online sites to buy Coach stuff?

  1. Other than Coach.com of course-thanks!
  2. Sorry, but the only official place to buy Coach online is at coach.com. There are lots of great, legitimate Coach sellers on eBay, though. There's a site that sells items from the outlet, but I've never shopped there and cannot guarantee that it's authentic. It's called BonafideLuxury.
  3. Have you tried eBay? I just make sure that the seller has a good selling history and have not sold any fakes and that the pictures show the coach tag with a target sign (indicating it came from the outlets).
  4. I've bought plenty of authentic Coach on eBay, and mostly from my favorite Coach seller Maerim. She has never sold me anything that wasn't exactly as she described, and it has always been completely authentic. I trust her to the point that I even bought a used Marc Jacobs bag from her on eBay, and I'm still afraid to try to buy one of those from anyone else. LOL
  5. Does anyone know if these are real? I would doubt it?
  6. If this is Coach outlet stuff, it's MORE expensive than at the Coach outlet. I was just there today...
  7. so-authentic site or not? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?
  8. Seemed pretty high to me as well. I don't think I'll be buying from there.
  9. I am extremely dubious about that site, chiefly because Coach has not authorized them to sell their merchandise, and because they use photography that looks lifted from Coach.com.

    WAY too risky. The "switch to chinese" link also seems like a bit of a red flag given the massive quantity of fakes originating in China.

    Also they do not accept returns.

    I would recommend staying far away from this site, unless someone wants to volunteer to be a guinea pig and see if they actually get a real bag from them.
  10. [FONT=&quot]Ok I bought one for my girlfriend. How do it verify its authenticity?[/FONT]
  11. Take pictures, then post them in the Authenticate This Coach thread in this sub-forum, or post them to the Authenticate This forum. The good folks here will look at the pictures and let you know if it looks real. Best things to take pics of are the creed (the leather patch on the inside of the bag), any zippers, the whole bag front, back, top and sides. The straps (if any), and any fancy hardware or applique it may have.
  12. Nordstroms.com