Other Obsessions

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  1. It's been a while since a similar thread in November...so what else do you collect or spend money on?

    As for me:

    Hermes Scarves I bought my first one for 50 cents at a garage sale about 25 years ago. And I've accumulated more than two dozen since. My husband loves it because he always knows what to bring back from the duty-free shop.

    Shoes OK, that probably goes without saying, right?

    Fine China I must have dozen or more full sets. Everything from ancient Limoges to Lynn Chase's Jaguar Jungle. And then quite a few sets of desserts, demitasses and salad plates. I like to mix it up!

    Framing It's not surprising that an accessory nut might be a fetishist about framing, is it? I love to buy street art whenever I travel, and will easily spend twenty or thirty times as much having it framed. I only use musuem glass and I love double and triple matting, fillets, and unusal frames.

    Window treatments My Brady Bunch house doesn't lend itself to fabulous window treatments, but I do the best I can to have interesting ones. Mostly I use wood blinds and cornices, and I look forward to having a place where I can use more fabric treatments.

    Wine I can thank (or curse) my husband for this one. We drink wine with dinner every night and usually keep about 15 cases on hand. We try all kinds of things, and get develop new favorites every month or two. I guess I'm lucky to have a husband who constantly says, "Honey, we just don't drink enough champagne!"

    So what are your other obsessions?
  2. my greatest obsession is:
    my shoe obsession worries my family, my friends and most of all my boyfriend.
    this is the biggest obsession i have.
    oh, i am even obsessed with the mocha frappuccino and dunkin donuts...
  3. Haha.. coco-nut, window treatments has got to be one of the funniest obsessions I've ever heard of ! But I bet your house has some fabulously coordinated decor ! ;)

    My own obsessions include -

    shoes - especially tennis shoes. I like buying them in different colours if I really like a style. I'm still currently working hard on my AF1 collection.

    sweatshirts - this one's probably just due to my age, I'm in that limbo of not having to really wear business wear very often, so my closet is mostly casual anyways. All my shirts are arranged by colour and I love how it looks hanging in my closet. Carrie from SATC was totally correct - "I like my money where I can see it.. hanging in my closet".

    computers - I currently have 3, looking to buy another after I graduate. I'm pretty interested in both the hardware and software aspects, but since I'm still a lowly student, I only have old, old, old machines but they are kept in excellent repair ! How else can my 7 year old computer still be faster than my roommate's newish computer ? :smile:
  4. Great thread -

    1 - Jeans; I am obsessed with buying jeans - I can't stop buying jeans.
    2 - Stuffed cats and stuffed labradors (hubby hates this one)
    3 - Bobbi Brown eye shadows (they just have so many colors to try)
    4 - Houseplants and unique pottery to house houseplants
  5. Books - I love to read. Right now I'm reading "The World is Flat" by Thomas Friedman. I love going to Barnes & Noble and browsing. I try to wait until I'm finished reading one book to start another, but it doesn't always happen and I end up reading three books at a time :P

    T-shirts from Goodwill or the Salvation Army - I love those silly shirts with kitschy sayings on them, 80s concert or shirts from places where people have gone on vacation. I had an old baseball-style shirt that was from a David Lee Roth concert that I picked up for $2. It was too cool :nuts: But I let someone borrow it, and I never saw it again.

    Anything X-Files related :shame:
  6. Ahhh, a fellow X-Phile? I remember those days - not so much in the last couple of years of its run, but in its heyday I could give any fanatic a run for their money.

    American Crime Dramas (and others): CSI, SVU, CI, House. I watch almost nothing else.

    Celeb gossip: I buy the National Enquirer every week. Please throw tomatoes one at a time.

    Music: Its on allllllllll day, literally.
  7. My shopping obessions are: Abercrombie cargo pants. I LOVE their cargo pants. They are comfortable, boyish but sexy. My other obsession is Pottery Barn Kids. I can't get enough of their stuff. My sons room is all PBK.

    My other obsession is playing Halo 2. I don't look the video game type, but I love playing. Hehe it's so nerdy but fun, and the best part is to be quiet through the whole game and then telling everyone they were beat by a girl.
  8. 1) Books
    2) Foreign travel
    3) Fine Wine & Champagne
    4) great jeans
    5) Cosabella underwear
    6) gourmet cooking
    7) Sinatra's music
    8) Edward Hopper's paintings
  9. I love Cosabella; NOTHING else compares - I just broke the bank at barenecessities.com; they have the best Cosabella selection.
  10. 2) Shoes
    3) jeans - finding the right pair for a short person seems to be taking a LONG time!
    4) International Travel
    5) Wine :nuts:
    6) Books
  11. My other obsessions:
    2) my pets (two dogs & three birds)
    3) jewelry
    4) skiing
    5) riding my motorcycle
  12. If you have a Marshall's near you, check it out, I have picked up some Cosabella at geat prices but you have to pick through the racks.
  13. 1. lipgloss- particularly lancome juicy tubes and dior addict
    2. big sunglasses- they're just so pretty!
    3. skirts- i wear skirts pretty much year round!
    4. tv- i love tv! especially the o.c., laguna beach, lost, and desperate housewives
    5. crew/rowing things- i collect nalgenes! and under armour
  14. Wow this is a very good thread topic. Right now I have a few obsessions.... but these ALWAYS change.

    1) Starbucks. I go at least once a day (usually twice) and if I don't get to go my day is NOT complete. I get a Grande Chai Tea Latte with Soy Milk and no water!!
    2) Jeans (which I also got Vlad obsessed with recently). I buy about 1 new pair of jeans a week. I'm in love with my new Joe's!

    That is it for right now.. but like I said, I am always changing!!
  15. shoes- boots especially, and sandals.
    jeans- love paige, rocks, 7s, citizens.
    outerwear- anything goes!