other MJ recs please

  1. hello! After receiving my berry sophia last fall and loving it I am looking for my next MJ.. so with that being said, I would like some recs for similar sized bags as I am not fond of larger sized bags. I have seen the elise and maybe the christy and also the smaller multipocket but I am not expert and the closest store I have to me does not carry many styles. Also, just pointing out, that I prefer the soft calf leather, but not quilted styles. Thanks for any input cecelia
  2. Do you want an arm crook/handheld bag or a shoulder bag?
  3. melly, thanks for looking! i guess i would prefer one that can be handheld or over shoulder but if i had to choose i guess i would go with arm crook :smile: thanks for any recs!
  4. I love my Sophia so much. So im either going for a new Sophia or a Stella since they r similar to each other :yes:
    However, my other MJ purse is a putty hobo..very nice too. But nothing beats my Sophia :p
  5. Personally, I find the MP the most functional out of those bags. Honestly out of all three, I think they're all great, the Elise especially, if you are looking for an arm crook bag.