Other Mirages?

  1. It seems like everybody on the list is WLd for a speedy. Did anyone pre-order one of the other Mirage bags or were they just too darned pricey?
  2. I am WL for the Griet. My store says that the mirage is not released until october??? Anyways, I am totally getting the griet and can't wait to pick her up!!!!
  3. The speedy is pricey enough, I didn't even think about purchasing the other bags...
  4. i WL for the griet too... but im waiting for the exotic griet as well... can't decide which one ...... :sad:

  5. I think the regular Griet is set for Sept 15th the exotic is the one coming in October
  6. I was listed for Griet but I took my name of the list JMHO but I think it's a little too pricey.
  7. See thats what I told them and they said no..that all of the Mirage stuff was coming out in October... I just hope they get their shipment on Saturday, so I can pick up my bag!!!! :yahoo:
  8. The Griet is absolutely gorgeous IRL! I really loved it but loved the Speedy, too, so for the price difference I chose the Speedy. BTW the Griets I saw were the trunkshow bags, my store hasn't received any for waitlist customers/sale that I know of.
  9. october?? :blink: awww....i can't wait tht long!
  10. Finally got to see the Griet!
    I like the Noir Speedy and the Sac Plat (not being produced...), but to be honest, I'm not a fan of the other Mirage bags.
  11. God they really are cluless sometimes we've even had TPFer's telling them the release for speedy was yesterday and when they called to check lo and behold who was right...we were LOL
  12. i was on the wait list for a mirage speedy but thought it was a bit pricey for my own good.
  13. Only 3 more weeks! :p
  14. i played with exotic griet and it's beautiful but huge. and also over $9000. lol. but nope, i too am waitlisted for a bordeaux speedy. she comes home friday!!!
  15. :nuts: wow you're sooo lucky!!
    by any chance, did you see the normal griet?
    are they similar? or different?
    which one do you prefer?
    sorry if im asking too much :rolleyes: thanks.