Other leathers similar to Night?

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  1. I am really digging the Night leather. Does anyone know of other RM colors that is similar to it? I think I want a MAM with silver hardware in this type of leather.
    TIA!! :smile:
  2. I really love the Night leather as well. It's beautiful. I wish I could help you out but this is the first RM leather that I have seen like this. It's different from all the other leathers (IMO). It's not like the glazed leathers (Tangerine, Almond & Espresso etc) , it's not like the glossy leathers (wine, emerald etc) and it's definitely not like the Matte leathers (Elephant, Navy, saddle etc)

    Luna Boston calls it "Polished" which I feel accurately describes it. I hope more leathers come out like this. Maybe there is someone else out there who has seen a similar type of RM leather?