Other items coming soon

  1. I had a VERY good luck today when I went into LV (again LOL) at the Look Book, My SA told me to have a good look LOL :nuts: Here are some new items:

    Damier Azur naviglio
    New bags and trunks cles (TDF ! :love:)

    LV cup accessories:

    Many of the new items have accessories available too, I suggest you have a look at the look book yourself :smile: to get a better idea of what you want
  2. trunk cles? (excuse my ignorance, vuitton newb):shame:
  3. Steve:
    What is this?? I got the bags and the trunks part- but the cles? TIA

    New bags and trunks cles (TDF ! [​IMG])
  4. Sorry, I made a mistake I mean the Poka dots cles is TDF, it has something to do with bags and trunks on it though, that what I got the look of from the pics. :flowers:
  5. ooohh!
  6. is there some pics of this items?
  7. I want to see pic's :smile:
  8. Sorry I dont have pics, you will have to go and have a look at the look book but I think the US one is different to ours, ours seems to have more info and pics of new stuff.
  9. also, I saw the MC heart coin purse today in the book its TDF
  10. Steve, what is a naviglio?
  11. Hi, This is the Naviglio :smile:
  12. Glad you got to look at the look book this time :smile:

    I think it is pretty similar to the US one, at least all you talked about I saw, too.

    I can't want to see the polka dot ronds! So cute!
  13. here's a photo of the Trunks&Bags port.mon. ronde taken from a mag by another PF member:

  14. great pic ! thanks
  15. cool pic, thanks