Other Heritage Stripe Colors

  1. Has anyone here ordered any of the other Heritage Stripe colors? I know a bunch of us have the pink but haven't seen any others! My bestie is thinking about getting a medium green one, but wants to see pictures of it first, besides the ones on the Japan site. :flowers:
  2. My mom wants the green, but is waiting til PCE. The green is so pretty & perfect for spring. I'd also love to see any pics of it! :tup:
  3. Sunday morning bump
  4. I remember reading that someone ordered it in white but I haven't seen any posts or pictures of it. I'm interested in seeing other colors too. I FINALLY felt the coated material the other day. One of the SAs had the satchel and let me feel it. Its very nice! She said everything wipes right off!
  5. I really love the green also. I am waiting on seeing pics too