other great sites for LV consignment purchases...

  1. Besides let-trade and luxury-shops, what other websites sell authentic LV's on consignment? Just curious, thanks!!!
  2. what is the website for luxury shops?
  3. pisa's prices are over retail. :wtf:
  4. wayyyy over retail at that! Especially for the LV's!
  5. on PISA if you go on the LV section some item are not that overpriced.
  6. Can anyone suggest any online consignment stores that sell LV? I'm trying to help my cousin find the Mini monogram Josephine PM bag. She went to Saks, and they had told her it's been discontinued. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! TIA!!
  7. You're the best Addy! Thanks a bunch! I will check those links right now.
  8. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question... I see the Josephine bag in the Cherry color on 2ndhandbag.com, and when I click into it, I see the description, pics and everything, but how do I buy?? There's no "buy now" or "add to cart" button. Help please!
  9. i think you may have to email them? i'm not sure, hopefully someone else will know better