other designers?

  1. Hello my dear PFers :smile:

    I wanted to know, what do you carry in addition to balenciagas? It seems to me that bals attract a certain type of quality seeking girl, casual, fun, and it doesn't scream designer... that's what attracts me to it...

    but recently (meaning within the past 2 weeks since i've been on the forum ;)) i've also developed a soft spot for Louis Vuitton.. and while i used to despise them and think they were all fake.. something now is really attractive about them... and interestingly enough, when compared to balenciaga, some styles are a little cheaper...

    (from my pre-PF life i have some coach, michael kors, and prada)
  2. asides from my 3 gucci's & 1 little dior bag, b-bags are my only :heart: :tender:

    p.s. i used to be a prada girl, but those days are over...
  3. how dare you mention those "OTHER" brands here! :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    seriously though... I like a lot of other brands- yum Prada, Escada, BV... Not so much into LV, Gucci, Chanel, Dior. Too "look-at-me! look-at-me!" for me. I prefer the simple lines and DIVINE leather of the bbag to any other brand. I would prefer that Bal was a lot more diligent in terms of efficiency, communication, repairability, consistency and quality like the aforementioned brands though!
  4. I used to love LV and have quite a few bags but lately I have not been feeling the LV love. Currently my favorite bag is the YSL Muse, I have it in Chocolate and Ivory.

    I also have a Fendi Spy, Chloe Paddy and MJ Stam bag. I love handbags.
  5. I'm all over the place. Coach, MJ, Chanel, LV, and Gucci are the main ones other than Balenciaga.
  6. My affections are split between Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. I've been an LV addicted for years. I have a few "other" brands as well... 1 Prada, 1 Pucci, and 2 Coach bags.
  7. I love MJ! He's got some nice casual bags that are well made and very sturdy (apart from the Stam, lol). A bit on the heavy side tho.. crazy MJ hardware!!! Even my clutch feels like a tonne of bricks. Besides that, Chloes are nice too and I like a couple of Chanel styles (don't own any atm). Oh and how could I forget, my large choco YSL Muse!!! She's a beauty, more so IRL than in pics!
  8. Cilla, you have both the ivory and choco Muses?? Yay for the Muse!!! How's your ivory holding up? Do u find there's any colour transfer from jeans etc or any dirtying of the stitches on the handles? Sorry to hijack..:shame:
  9. I just got my Ivory about three weeks ago and I have not used it yet because I am still too in love with my chocolate Muse.:heart: I do plan on taking my ivory muse on vacation next week, so I am hoping it holds up well.
  10. Honestly, I would be happy with Balenciaga for the rest of my life...... that is how much I love these bags, they really are just so 'me' - and no bag makes me go crazy like Balenciaga.

    With that said, I do love Chloe (especially the older styles) and Bottega Veneta - as well as the random vintage designer piece. :smile:
  11. i'm right there with you MiMi-girl, gimme a b-bag & i'm good 4-ever :tender:
  12. My other obsession is LV. Sometimes I feel like I am cheating on one to be with the other.

    Lately I have been carrying a Cuffz by Linz Oh Bondage black tattoo bag ($350), and I have gotten more compliments/questions/looks while carrying this bag than any other I own. These bags are common in CA but no one in KY has ever seen one. The lambskin leather on this bag is just so freakin' soft and yummy and the handcuffs are just so fun!
  13. ^ oh I love those handcuff bags lori!!!
  14. speaking of which...did anyone see that huge botegga venetta bag (I think called the ruffle bag) on ebay that went off yesterday? i was strangely attracted to that one..I was surprised i liked it...it was "pretty" and I usually go for "slouchy cool" does anyone have that one?

    But of course...bbags are the bomb!
  15. do you have a photo posted of the handcuff bag, LoriB? I would love to see what it looks like - sounds cool!!:supacool: