Other designers...

  1. i dont know about you ladies, but im not crazy about all those in-your-face logo designers. i think its rather tacky :sad: opinions?
  2. for examples , i.e. LV? :p
  3. I prefer leather over canvas when I am paying a large amount of money.

    For example I don't care for LV monogram but I do like the Epi leather.
  4. i totally agree.
  5. yes, lv hah
  6. Nah, not big with logo at all but I have a craving of LV speedy 25 monogram or 30 damier. It comes and goes though.
  7. ^^ same here. I got an LV batignolles horizontal for when I need to run errands and for future use as baby bag but I just wish it didn't have all the logos on it.
  8. yeah, share the sentiments. i have 2 lv purses, seldom use them and love my cherry blossoms papillon, maybe with the cherry blossoms the LV logos look less obvious.

    I dont really like those recent LV designs, some of the bags comes with the big golden plates with "Louis Vuitton" engraving on top, i.e. Sophie, Riveting, Berkeley and some others. as if the monogram printing on the canvas were not obvious enough. :nogood: sorry to those who like these bags, just viewing out my opinions. hehe...
  9. oh... and Coach and Gucci too. dont really like them.
  10. my girlfriends and i refer to coach as the dreaded "C" word! hah i HATE coach. :tdown:
  11. I would add Chanel with it's double-C and Gucci to that list. Though I think it's funny that the fake Gucci bags look like the logo is '69'.

    I used to like Coach bags before they got plastered with the Coach C-emblem :rolleyes:

    Now I'm into buying Lancel in France and Picard in Germany which are at the same level price and quality wise as Coach (and not made in China).
  12. I like Gucci but never have the chance to get one. I don't know. It's same with LV. I just think it's a little too showy, so I'm just going back and forth in my head. I like Chanel classic flap and cambon.

    Never like Coach, even when they don't have prints on them.
  13. I dont like Coach either. I think some of the all leather coach bags are kinda cute but would I own one?...NO. These days I dont understand why they are charging so much for them where you can find a much better quality bag for a little bit more pricewise (or on sale).
  14. I am with you. I think they're totally tacky. That's why I like Marc Jacobs. With a few exceptions, he doesn't have his initials plastered all over his designs...
  15. Dislike logo bags in general now, (although make exception for LV vernis pieces) and am disappointed with the newer MJs with anything besides descreet name on the hardware.