other designers copying Coach?

  1. Hey all - I was in TJMaxx the other day and I saw some bags that looked exactly like Coach - I believe they were Nine West. Anyone else see these? Same types of designes with the signature look and then patchy colors. Hard to explain but I swear they looked like fake Coach bags. :confused1:
  2. I've seen some Carly-esque bags lately and bags that have signature that looks very similar to Coach (especially Guess!)
  3. TARGET!!!! They have a lot of bags that resemble Coach designs...the most recent one I noticed is a GiGi look alike.
  4. ^^^ I second that! Target had some bags that looked VERY similar to my Leather Soho Satchel.
  5. I saw bags that resembled Coach signature bags in JCPenney's!!! They even had khaki/saddle (SAME EXACT coloring!) Impressive, but c'mon now!!!! LOLOLOL...
  6. yes, i've noticed this a lot also, most recently at dillards. but also at target. i guess it's a compliment to Coach's designers!:yes:

    off topic but your puppy is sooooo cute!!! is that a standard poodle by chance?
  7. I have seen the bags that you are talking about...and I saw them at TJ Maxx as well.
  8. Just think of it as paying "omage" to a great design!!!but i hope they dont walk around telling people that it is a coach sometimes i just want to call the police "fashion" on them!!!
  9. I've seen those at TJ Maxx - I've also seen some that look like Carlys, Soho flaps, the list just goes on and on. Nine West, Tommy Hilfiger, Xo-I guess they know a good design when they see it :p
  10. a lot of bags at danier leather seem to me to b coach styles