Other customers at LV.....stories to share ?

  1. I´m really bored now and I love reading LV linked stories.....:p
    You know how people can be fascinating or funny or embarrassing, etc.....So during your shopping experiences at the LV boutiques, have you come accross some "special" customers ? either they did or said something remarkable.....

    I´ll start, actually I felt really embarrassed for the person....I wished I had said something :sad: . I was queuing at the Champs Elysées boutique, outside.
    -like 50 m queue- And there was this family behind, from the countryside and not highly educated, (I don´t want to sound rude here , but the way they were speaking). The dad was wearing like a promotional cap he got for free.
    I hear him telling his son -a teen- super loud so everybody could hear his "joke" : "what ?? you want a cap ? a "Voitton" cap ? Why ? I might as well give to the "Voitton" people my cap, that´d be exactly the same !! they´d be happy, ha ! " and the son, of embarrassment, "No Dad, Vuitton is cool....."
    I didn´t feel like interfering -none of my business- but it was obviously his expensive XMas gift, and I so wanted to tell him that LV doesn´t make caps, and the ones he´d seen are fake....but he could get a belt or so, just to avoid him another embarrassment in the shop with a -probably- snotty SA.

    Other than that I have seen a few times a French man taking an asian woman to the shop, and trying to arrange for her the number of items she could get home, last one she had her Tawainese passport out on the counter and was buying Mini Lin everything : Speedy and other things (Cute:love: )

    Please share your good stories !!! (probably a lot better than mine lol)
  2. In Rome, one of the SAs was an Italian man, and he spoke very fluent Japanese and he was helping this elderly Japanese couple - I thought that was very cute !

    Oh and Irene and I, first time we met each other.. at the Vuitton counter. :graucho:
  3. At the LV Christmas party I saw a man and woman with quite a huge selection of bags around them on the counter. Turns out they bought MANY things that night including 2 jewelry rolls, luggage, mono stephen, a leopard polly and several other handbags and paid in CASH!!!!!! My SA was helping them when we arrived and later told me their spending spree totaled more than $30,000. Now who in their right mind carries that much cash? I dunno, but the whole store was buzzing about that one for a long time.
  4. I wonder what it takes to make those people adopt me, lol. :nuts: :supacool:
  5. hmmm.... I dunno if I have interesting stories... well I'm gonna try to squeeze out as much as I can remember... lol

    1. I've met a lot of rude customers. Some people have no manners... I was talking to my dad and SA together and this man just stuck his head RIGHT BETWEEN my dad and I....very weird.... Then he's like to my dad "how much is that bag she's holding?" My dad tells him and he makes a disapproving face. A minute later, he asks another SA to look at the bag in my hands (hypocrite)... I let him, but he started to abuse the bag and playing with the pockets really roughly! btw it was the Manhattan PM and once I got it back, I noticed a really deep scratch on the hardware..... So ya, my point is people who have no intention of buying should be more considerate for the boutique and other customers.

    2. I've never been interested in ties, but once I saw these 2 Spanish guys each buying a tie.... it was kinda hot lol...

    3. I dunno how you call it, but I've seen the "display room" where LV stores all their things for display out in the window........ Ya... not a pleasant sight....VERY dark and dirty..... lol

    4. OH! another one! lol I've been lucky enough to have played on LV's computer! lol and it has a touch-screen monitor! lol
  6. A mother buying items for herself with her kid with her...the child was adorable and we started talking. (the little girl was NOT shy and spoke so mature, she was 4 1/2 (the girl made SURE the 1/2 was mentioned, hehe)). So..this isin't anything you ask, just a cute kid and her mom in the store...well, the child had a white MC Pochette as her own personal handbag! It was so precious and she had it on her shoulder, holding the strap with her hand as well.. lol..it was huge on her! I thought: God know how her little hands unzips the thing, but maybe her mom does it for her. She wanted to show me what was in it and the mom half unzipped it for her (there we go) and she did the rest and like, colorful plastic beaded necklaces, small plastic doll things, fake plastic lipstick and like barbie's accessories were in there. Really sweet :yes: Some probably think a 4 1/2 year old is way to young to have this and I agree to an extent, but eh...the mother was very with it, you can tell and the kid was a VERY good kid and had a grip on that thing that the jaws of life couldn't pry off, lol.
  7. I know this isn't LV, but its the worst that happened to me. I was in Las Vegas at the Chanel boutique and I had left my vinyl cabas at the seating area by the shoes with my fiance. I was looking at which flats to get and apparantly when I had my back turned a lady grabs my bag picks it up looks at it, thats when an SA there said that this bag was NOT a display and it was somebodys personal bag, so she THROWS it back on the seat. I asked my fiance why he didn't say anything, and he said he was so shocked at how this woman acted he was at a lost for words. Geez I was in the SHOE section, and this bag isn't on a shelf, and its weighed down with my personal belongings, what in her right mind justified this action in her head.

    Ohh I just remembered, at the LV boutique I've seen younger girls begging there mother to purchase them bags. But thats the worst I've seen which isn't even that bad.
  8. 1. I thought this was funny - I went in the LV store about 4 weeks ago and there were two japanese people...mother and daughter in LV looking at bags. When I turned round the SA had about 30 bags out all over the floor and on the table...they were all damier azur and they still couldnt make their mind up. I couldnt stop laughing at the bags everywhere LOL :nuts:

    2. I was in LV and some teenagers about my age came walking through...I felt so embarrassed for them but they actually thought it was funny...they sat on the hard luggage, sorry if this sounds rude but I could tell they wernt into LV and they all laughed. The SA gave them a dirty look and then went fixing the luggage. They had a laugh but the SA's and people in the store just felt embarrassed for them :push:
  9. Just people who come in and ask when they'll be having their sale.

    Then a girl who came in with a ratty old Mono Speedy 30 and wanted to know if they did exchanges because she wanted to exchange it for the MC Speedy.

    And also, my SA told me of one lady who came in with her daughter and wanted her Speedy fixed...apparently it was a gift from her ex husband and she still carried it, because you know, it was LV. So anyway the SA was looking at it and found that the bag had a wire in it where the piping is to help keep its shape, so obviously it was fake.
    Ugh I would have been mad.
  10. This was just after the new year...I was in the boutique and this man standing next to me was talking to 2 SAs and trying to exchange/return and LV watch (which was fake of course). The SAs get a real LV watch from the display case and proceed to show this customer all the things wrong and fake with the watch he brought with him. I glanced over for a quick second and noticed he had those yellow and green 'authenticity cards' with him...I couldn't help but chuckle a little inside. Maybe it was a gift and he didn't know it was fake...but I would have been really embarrassed if it was me.
  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE reading your stories !!!!! Thanks !!
    Ayla - That's so cool, how did you know it was Irene ??
    Texas Girl - That's like a dream, even better than MTV's "Uber Rich and Fabulous" shows !
    Cec - I could so picture the rude man between your dad and you "disaproving face" and then leaves..:lol:
    Spanish guys are Hawt !
    Gayle - It's such a cute story !!:love: Also to show that even if the little girl is carrying a LV at the age of 4, she's still a normal sweet little girl with her Barbie stuff inside....
    Handbag_luvr - so many times ppl picked up my things in shops while I was trying on something !
    Steeve - 30 azur bags out = pure eye candy !!
    The guys were they chavs ? like in England they wear "Burberry's" baseball cap, and in France it's "LV" ????
    Rebecca - "Just people who come in and ask when they'll be having their sale" -> you wish...
    The SAs must have people asking for the weirdest things !!!
    (On the same line at the Puma's store 1 time, 1 customer asked if he could his shoes fixed -for free- the shoes had turned from white to black and were 5 years old !!!!)

    Keep them Comin' !!!!
  12. There was a woman and her driver was waiting in a huge Bentley, all the staff knew her and she couldn't even carry all the things she bought!!!! They had to help her getting it in the car. (and she had a huge Birkin!!!!)
    I had to afmit I was a bit jealous......
    And I once saw people asking when the sale would start, it was so funny how the SA's were trying to look as normal as they could...
  13. haha LOL they were Chavs...even the girls has tracksuits on LOL :lol: :lol:
  14. Oh I see !! They were together with their own Vicky Pollards !!!!:roflmfao:

    "LV Whoooaaat ???Oh my God don't gimme evils 'bout your boxes !!!!!!! No but yeah but no but yeah but.....they're not even real anyways..."
  15. yeah but no but yeah but no :smile: