Other countries shipping LV to U.S.?? Possible??

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  1. I was wondering....If LV is out of a particular hard to find limited ed. bag, Would it be possible to call say....Austrailia, or England, etc. and see if they had it? If they did, Can they ship to the U.S. (CA.)???

  2. I would love to know the answer to this as well. I have had no luck with France to US purchases.
  3. Never. Everything stays within the country where the item is located. Hawaii is an exception to the rule because if you purchase anything from their stores, you can always have it shipped it to you (at least to the USA, don't know about other countries.

    Even with the EU they won't ship from say...Italy to France. I know because I was looking for my Mono Glacé Pocket Organizer at the time and there was one en Suisse and Italie and they wouldn't ship it to the Avenue Montaigne store. :yes:
  4. So, It would be possible to call the Hawaii LV and have them send it to CA??
  5. I think it's not possible due to tax issues
  6. I would like to know too. I want these shoes, but only one store in the USA ordered it, but not in my size.
  7. I read some posts saying that you have to shop at one of the LV Hawaii stores in person before you can place a phone order to have items shipped to you in the mainland. :sad: I wanted to order from there, too.
  8. Yes, this is true! :yes:
  9. ^ Michelle!! I've been waiting for your update since this afternoon!! :P
  10. What? Really????? So you need to buy something in person at the Hawaii store before you'd be able to buy something over the phone? Ahhhh man!!!!!!:yucky: That TOTALLY sucks!!!!!!:cursing:
  11. I went shopping all day today! Sorry! I DID start the update but, my husband closed out my Word window and didn't save it, so I have to start all over. I am thinking I will just post a few pics at the party and call it a day. Hahaha.
  12. I know here in Aus they have requested an item for me from Asia and they have to see if the manager of that store will OK it. I have had an item sent from overseas LV to my store:yes:
  13. Hmm, really? Interesting. Thx!!:yes:
  14. Here in India, they would order it and you would get it in a few weeks.
  15. I think in Europe it's impossible, just like Poufiasse said it.
    A few weeks ago I was in search for a green Perfo Cles, and they were sold out in Austria, but there were two left in Germany. However, it was impossible to have LV Germany send one of the two to LV Austria, so I had to travel to LV Munich to buy the Cles.