Other Coach items from Japan (got Emai)

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  1. yup! i got mine too! i like to collect things from this line so I'm thinking I will definetly buy this
  2. actually...i just bought it LOL...i know it's pink, but it's super cute...I have a few of the flower charms
  3. so cute.....I just ordered one I can't wait for it to come...I have so many gift cards and coupons...this will be a great way to organize :biggrin:
  4. Yup, got the same email... trying to decide if I want one, I think I'll wait and see what you ladies think when you get yours :smile:
  5. yea i got my email too...i think its super cute..so i'm def. gonna get one.
  6. Adorable!
  7. know what? i'm just gonna bookmark the link site that way i'm updated with the coach freebies! i don't wanna be the last to know with these things!

  8. Is there away of getting these throug tPF with out one of us just getting lucking and getting an emai.
  9. Is this a Coach thing from their site or not? It looks like not,but im not positive.
  10. Just ordered mine! I love these japan gifts!
  11. I think if you buy something from them, you are on their list. I got the email, too....Thinking of getting one it since it's cute, and at a good price and useful for keeping business cards in.
  12. These card holders are for name cards called MEISHI; they're kinda like business cards, but can be used even more informally than we use business cards in the States (I teach Japanese language and culture)...SUPER COOL that Coach makes the holders! I GOTTA GET IT!

    Pulled this excerpt from eHow.com...

    Meishi--Japanese Name Cards

    Meishi, or Japanese name cards/business cards, are essential to social and business interactions in Japan. Strangers often exchange name cards on first meeting; businessmen (and businesswomen) exchange business cards at every opportunity. Following the tradition will help you go a long way in making new friends and networking with new business associates; you can even make your own meishi for a fraction of the cost to have them professionally printed.
  13. thanks for the info shell!
  14. PWC is right, once you purchased stuff from that site, she'll add you to her coach-lover dlist. (LOL)
    I got the email too! Just ordered mine! So excited! Can't wait!