Other "Brand" Patchwork

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  1. I know there are alot of LV lovers that love coach too, so many here don't like this seasons coach patchwork, but to me it is beautiful because ..... I was looking at the other boards and saw the New LV Patchwork, I honestly thought it was a fake and they were kidding....(Good thing I kept that to myself) I just had to say something, my DD saw it and said it looked like something a hobo would carry.

    Sorry sorry sorry if I affend anyone... Makes me love Coach all the more!!
  2. I'm an LV lover but I cannot stand some of the new LV bags that are coming out...especially the denim patchwork bag....who would spend $1000's on that???!!!
  3. i agree w/that denim LV patchwork bag, i actually cannot believe they came out w/that, but I still love LV.

    I don't have a patchwork Coach yet, but usually they're very cute.
  4. What does the LV patchwork look like?
  5. Nevermind, I googled it and found it. Is this what you are talking about?



    And the site I found the picture on said it is $42,000!!!
  6. i'm going to check out the LV patchwork right now but i can tell you straight up i just want the Hamptons Patchwork Small Tote like it's absolutely noones biznass! *frolics to google*
  7. I kind of like the new coach patchwork...I was thinking about the wallet. I :heart: my LV handbags but :heart: my coach wallets and wristlets.
  8. Pic not showing up for me....I went to the LV Board and saw it there, also a pic in the Allure Mag,
  9. ^WTF? That's horrible. Actually, horrible is an understatement. That bag gets that FUG bag of the year award.
  10. uhm, effing gross!~

    ... factory floor special anyone?
  11. ^^Haha, I love how people who love that bag, say the same about COACH patchwork, and those who love COACH patchwork, dispise the Tribute bag.

    Neither is for me.
    Just give me some vernis, legacy stripe, epi, embossed leather, & groom and I'm one happy camper.
  12. ^UGH. That one is not any better, IMO. I don't like any patchwork bags. :yucky:
  13. I do like the new patchwork LV shoes though!