Other Blogs?

  1. What other forums/blogs do you consistently read?
    Not that im getting bored here........NEVER!!!!!:nuts:
  2. Some of the LJ communities :biggrin:
  3. LJ communities and honestforum!
  4. Forgot about that one, its great! :biggrin: I should check it out more often.
  5. The Fashion Spot
  6. perez hilton
    pink is the new blog
    go fug yourself
    bag snob
    bag crazy
    papermag blogs
    page six
  7. pinkisthenewblog.com, bagsnob.com, although bagsnob doesn't update every day.
  8. are there any good shoe forums besides the manolo one???
  9. Metal Sludge
    Hollywood Rag
  10. i don't know..part of me feels like i am cheating when i look at other forums hehe
  11. I like The Fashion Spot and The Superficial-kind of my guilty pleasure, but I think it is hilarious.