Other bags you have/love...

  1. Aside from Marc Jacobs bags, what are the other bags that you carry or would like to carry?
  2. I'm starting to become *very* addicted to Louis Vuitton now, and I'm in love with my white Multicolore speedy! I still carry MJ the most though, my Almond Multipocket matches practically everything in the wardrobe and is just so practical!
  3. I have an LV speedy 25 and a Chloe Paddington in addition to MJ. I am considering selling the paddy since I never carry it anymore. I love it, but it's time to move on. I used to only love MJ bags, but now I'm getting more into his shoes and clothes as well. Which, by the way, is TERRIBLE for my wallet! :smile:
  4. I love the LV Manhattan PM bag....it's the next bag on the list to break my bank account! And even though most people on the forum rag on Coach....I do enjoy the Legacy shoulder bags. I have a baby blue one with chunky brass hardware that is absolutely gorgeous. :yes:
  5. I love Chloe bags; I have silverados and paddingtons. I have the Burberry Manor bag, which I also love. Other than that, all of my bags are MJ.

    MJ is definitely my first love. :heart:
  6. I'm really liking the Louis Vuitton Epi leather bags. I don't care for the LV logo canvas bags due to their logoliciousness. lol. I wish LV made more of the logo styles in epi leather.
  7. I love Mulberry bags! I have Mulberry bags in 2 different green shades. For some reason I haven't really gotten that much into other high-end bags apart from MJ and Mulberry.
  8. I love indie designers... finding an awesome bag from an unknown designer is great. :smile:
  9. my favorite non marc bag would have to be my chocolate city bbag. i also use my miu miu coffer a lot because i have the option of either carrying it on my shoulder or messenger style.
  10. I tried chloe, but I wasn't impressed.... I adore balenciaga though! It has the same color scheme idea as MJ but in a completely different style. Love em!
  11. LV is popular with me. I have several of them, and they're beautiful. I just got my first Dior today and that is an instant favorite! I have a Chloe and a Mui Mui too, which I also like a lot.
  12. i'm getting hooked on Chanels. the only reasons I don't have more is because I want to see them in person (and the styles I want are always sold out) and the cost
  13. It's weird that I'm actually not really a handbag addict except for Marc Jacobs. I have one Chloe Paddington that now I barely use cause I think it's more of a fad than a trend.

    All my other handbags are Marc Jacobs but I would love to have a Chanel and Speedy 25 Damier/Monogram.
  14. My most coveted right now besides MJ is chloe and LV. Mostly Chloe though, I can't seem to get enough lately.
  15. chanel + dior (lady dior is so pretty! and mini gaucho.. those are my next 2 planned buys)