Other bags in fumo?


May 14, 2008
the heartland
Hi, I've wandered over from the MJ forum.
I saw a bow bag yesterday in the new fumo, which seems more like mauve. I love this color and was wondering what other Miu Miu bags come in this color.
So far I've heard of a fumo coffer and at Saks there is a fumo small wristlet.
Anyone know of any other bag or wallet in this color?
Aug 21, 2007
Canada & Mexico
^^ Hi ^^

I'm in Canada and I first saw the Coffer in the new Fumo in July and was trying to figure out the color. I too love the color but did not know what to call it. It's not really grey, it's not really brown, it's kind of a mix between the two making it look like it had mauve tones. Is this what you thought? Anyways I think the fumo is fabulous and the coffer that I seen has the new silver polished hardware....delishhhhhhhhhhh:heart:
I have not seen any other bags in this color though.