OTC Colon cleanse?

  1. Does anyone have a recommendation? I had used one years ago that I bought at the health food store that worked great-but, can't remember the name of it now.

  2. I think they're called laxatives. ;)
  3. Hahaha! thanks for the input Charles ;)
  4. I will ask my friend this weekend what she uses. She is really into health food, owned a health food store & restaurant. Someone says "Hey you look good!" Her answer is always "its cause I clean my colon." lol
  5. LOL! thanks
  6. nope its not a laxative, theres a lot natural colon clensers thats will not make ur colon lazy...There are a lot on the market, just make sure before you buy it to make sure its all natural and no laxative because the laxative will affect you going to the bathroom when you get off the pills.:tup:
  7. So funny, this is what i need. I love this forum, I always come here and find an answer for everything, lmao. I've had this problems for the last three days, I am not sure why. I usually go like twice a day, and I mean when I go I go. But I haven't been able to do so, I even told my boss because I was worry and he told me to buy "Flax Seed Meal" from Trader Joe's, I will go to the nearest store today and get it, I need it so bad my belly hurts and I feel so fat right now.
  8. There is one at the Whole Foods which is good, it's called 'super cleanse', it's very effective, I used it because I'd heard so many rave reviews about it.

    If you it make sure to check out the website for the product, the instructions on the bottle are really vague, there are more detailed instructions on how to use it for a colon cleanse online.
  9. I've been taking a fiber supplement to try to help get my cholesterol down, and I was looking at it at Wal-Mart last night and I noticed they had some colon-cleansing products. I would think maybe any drugstore might have them.
  10. Anyone else have input on colon cleansers?? I am very interested in this but don't know where to start or what to buy?
  11. Why do you need your colon cleansed? Do your routine bowel movements not do the trick?
  12. they say it gets rid of toxin that have build up in your body...
  13. Well, it depends. Your body is designed to get rid of any toxins the body can't handle through the excretory system. So in essence, your body does its own colon cleansing everytime you go to the bathroom and do the doo.

    Now, there's a cleansing of the body, like the master cleanse thread, that is simply eating a certain way to promote a healthy lifestyle and body. That is not the same as these infomercial colon cleanses. Those do absolutely nothing for you that your body isn't already doing.
  14. If you're just needing to 'go' and don't want a laxative there are some chinese teas that work very well - one of my GF actually had to stop somewhere on the way to work, it worked too well, so make sure your near a restroom!
  15. There's one by Sonne's that my friend takes (#7 & #9 from http://www.sonnes.com/products_line.html). I tried it, but I couldn't deal with the taste after a while. If you can, it's a popular one and can be found at most healthfood/vitamin stores.