otc allergy meds?

  1. okay. my car is now a lovely shade of yellow from the pollen. and i feel like i'm about to die from it.

    i don't have insurance, so i can't go to my doc about a prescription (and the health center on campus is useless and thinks aspirin is a solution for all of life's problems).

    SO, what are the best otc allergy meds? i absolutely cannot take huge pills (i have a horrible gag reflex)- and most of the ones i asked a pharmacist about were pretty big. soo...any SMALL otc allergy meds?

    thank you guys!
  2. what are your symptoms?

    Just basic, you could take Sudafed during the day and Benadryl an hour before bed at night, or Claritin-D is now OTC.
  3. my nose is stuffy. my ears feel like they need to 'pop'. the roof of my mouth is itchy. my eyes are itchy and red. my throat hurts.

    they all make me so sleepy though. or high. one of the two (or both).
  4. Struggling in from South Carolina, I feel for you-my MD put three people in the hospital yesterday because of the pollen-I am on steroids for breathing, there is no end in sight-no rain either which would help-am going to ask my trusty pharmacist what else I can take-can't hear, balance issues-I feel for the older people, this stuff is killer! Will let you know what Steve advises (aside from moving!) On another note, I read the terrible thread and I hope you and the others can do some form of class action and get something back-I never knew about chargebacks prior to the tPF, ignorance isn't bliss! Hope you are feeling better, or that it rains over there...
  5. You can always cut the pill in half, unless it's a time release pill. but yeah, look into Claritin as it supposedly doesn't cause drowsiness. Claritin is the same as Loratidine (sp?) which can be had at WalMart for 4 bucks under their generic script program, so figure out which way is cheaper.
  6. I always use Claritin D. I find it's the absolute best. You could try the childrens' version that is a tab that dissolves in your mouth. They have a non-drowsy version that works great. I find that (or Allegra from my DR.) combined with Advair works wonders. I'm allergic to just about everything though!
  7. Ugh, I'm with you sister!! My nose is stuffy yet runny at the same time, my throat is dry and itchy (as is the back of my nose) and the roof of my mouth feels all rough, bleh!

    After a check with my midwife and safefetus.com, I am still taking Claritin and it helps SOOOOO much!! I actually forgot to take it this morning (was running late!) and I was surprised I lived past 8 am since I was sneezing so much, lol
  8. i feel like such a loser to have to take children's medicine...:push:

    but i guess if i want to breathe at this point, i'm going to have to. cutting pills in half doesn't usually work (seriously, i have the worst gag reflex EVER.)
  9. Claritin D is an EXTREMELY small pill! Sometimes I have to feel around in my mouth just to make sure that it actually did go down - I'd definitely recommend it if you have problems swallowing pills!
  10. They have Claritin in a ready tab that dissolves :yes:

    Pretty sure it is also OTC, but don't quote me on that!
  11. :nuts: that's VERY good to know! (mind you, i also had a heck of a time taking my bc, too...and those are tiny...)
  12. do the ready tab things work just as well as the pill?
  13. as a fellow georgian, i feel for your pain. i don't think other parts of the country get thick, yellow dust like the south does.

    claritin would be my suggestion. the pills are very, very small, IMO but i have hardly any gag reflex.
  14. Another vote for Claritin non-drowsy formula. It works the best by far for me. This is an awful year for allergies and I've never seen so much pollen! This is our first March in the south and I can't believe how it covers everything! Normally I like yellow, but not in this form.

    Hope you find something that helps, K.