OT: Vet visit

  1. Thanks everybody for sending best wishes to my Princess Rhoda's vet visit this morning. She had a little fatty growth that we could take out with electrosurgery and just a local anaesthetic. We were in and out in under 30 minutes. She is now nice and comfy in her favourite spot!
    Rhoda 20060920.jpg
  2. She looks happy to be home and to have had a relatively easy "bumpectomy". Hope she's on the mend and continues to remain comfy in the place where the mistress of the house has every right to rest her pretty paws.
  3. OMG....so sweet!! Wish I was there to give her a big hug!
  4. Oh!...that's great news! So happy to hear that your baby is doing fine.:heart:
  5. *arf* Now the Ridgeback Princess Extraordinaire can go back to the business of being your avi. Glad to hear she's doing well!
  6. So glad to here she is doing well.
  7. Look At Princess Rhoda ~ She Is So Precious!!! :smile:

    I'm Glad She's Home & Safe With Mommy!!!!!
  8. hi Hello,

    I am glad to hear that she is doing fine..must be a common thing, cause my Ridgie girl, Zena, also had a couple of fatty growths near her rear teats.

    I use to show ridgies here in Aust. and havent in a while...I miss having 12 puppies runing around my legs!!



  9. So glad your baby is okay !!!!!!
  10. mrsmac, your dogs are gorgeous and the puppy is so adorable.
  11. Hello: I am very happy to hear that Rhoda is OK. She is so cute.

    Mrsmac: Your dogs are adorable too.
  12. Somehow I missed this ... i'm glad that your pup is doing well, she looks so adorable and comfy in the pictures.:smile:
  13. I'm SO glad your baby is doing well! I get as worried about my pets when they're ill as I do my DD!!!!
  14. Glad to hear Princess Rhoda is dong well--she's adorable! And MrsMac your babies are adorable too!
  15. You should get her a little Hermes get well gift, how about a nice Hermes bridle? There was a hot red one in the latest magazine ad.