OT: Tokidoki toys

  1. Slightly off topic, does anyone collect the tokidoki toys? I am really hoping that the new little cactus guys hit the market before christmas. I want some for me and my daughter.

    Have you seen the Hello Kitty vinyls? apparently they are an urban outfitters exclusive. Theya re blind boxed and am heading over to an urban outfitters today at lunch to see if they have any in stock.

  2. I collect the tokidoki toys. The new cactus cats and pups should be available before Christmas, but stores aren't sure if they will get their entire shipments in before then.
  3. Yes they are! I love them. I didn't get a chance to go over there at lunch but I ordered some from urban outfitters.
  4. I love the pullip dolls and blythe dolls! lolz Tokidoki is cute toooo! But i rather save money for the dolls.
  5. I collect tokidoki toys (and urban vinyl in general)... My sister and I bought an entire box of the tokidoki vs devilrobot Trexis in order to get all of them. (:
  6. my sister stopped me from buying a toy because she said it would become junk around the house.
  7. LOL! Yea, well I'm trying to get this pullip doll though. I think you should collect the characters you love and the rare ones too! like the 8 inch Qee limited but it's still on panickstoybox. However, I don't think my parents would let me waste money on these toys.
  8. I pre-ordered some cactus pups, which supposedly came out December 7th, but they haven't shipped yet. :sad: Does anyone know if they've officially been released yet?
  9. Yeah, they are definitely out. I saw a few in a store near me on Saturday.
  10. I bought 5 pups on 12/8. I lucked out and did not get any duplicates. They are very cute. Hard to display because they are so darn tiny. I am afraid to lose the teenie tiny accessories.
  11. its hard to come by tokidoki gear in australia and a local stockist had the tokidoki toys available online jsut a few days ago but lots have already been snapped up :sad: