OT: Think of all the exotic Birkins and Kellys and Bolides and....

  1. thats madness.
    of all of the things he could have spent the money on he spent it on alcohol!
  2. I think there were probably plenty of other things involved in that bar tab than alcohol ;)

    But yeah, what a waste. All he will have left from that night is a possible DUI and maybe a nasty little itch. :roflmfao:
  3. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  4. My god, that´s crazy!!
  5. It reminds me of a similar thing in New York a few years ago, when a guy spent about that much money in a strip club and then he contested the charge on his credit card by saying something to the effect of, "it's impossible to spend that much money in a bar!". The surveillance tapes the club provided during the resulting inquiry proved him incorrect. Heh.

    Serves him right. Jackass.
  6. blech

    I usually really dont care how people spend their money, who can throw stones when they spend $300 on a coin purse...really that is a bit daffy, too (:love:I love my Le 74!!!!)

    But this is really sad. I could get a really nice horse, and have money left over for quite a bit of H. Or put DD through college, .....or, well, anyway.

    But YAY for the bar owner. Maybe he or she bought some nice things with the cash.....
  7. ^^^Hey, CB, that's a good point! I had not thought about the bar owner - maybe they'll go buy some nice Hermes with some of it!