OT : Superdevilicious Qee for Mi Bags ...

  1. Oo:huh:Ooo:huh:OOOo:huh:OOOooo:huh:OOoo......

  2. Can't see:sad:
  3. It's an x? :roflmfao:
  4. is there supposed to be a picture? Or a link to something?
  5. Hmmm... lemme try again ...


    Can u girls see it now?
  6. It is... check the properties of her pic. :biggrin:

    the face of the girl reminds me of Anne hathaway from the devil wears prada
  7. Holy! That's a scary ass qee!!
  8. his stuff always scares me because it's always staring at me...those eyes!! hah. i'm afraid i might have offended him once, when he posted one on vtf. i said something like it was scary and awesome or something like that. so.. it wasn't meant in a bad way. :s
  9. Shes scary looking
  10. I would not want to find that in a dark alley.

    Gives me the heebies and jeebies!
  11. LMAO .. hahahahahaha I thought it looked scary too ... it's just funny to see other people posting that same thought :roflmfao:
  12. Yikes, that is frightening!:wtf:
  13. that looks like something that might come to life in a horror movie.. no thanks!!
  14. gee. . . How creepy but cool. Makes me think of those dolls that come to life while your sleeping and they bite your leg or something.