OT:Our Bessie is a Movie Star!

  1. After seeing Bessie's new Avatar last night I couldn't get out of my mind that she looked like someone famous. Someone glamorous. Bugged me all night then I knew!

    There was an actress in the 60's (OC I was only a toddler then...LOL) who played in a Movie called Valley of the Dolls. Many of you probably saw that. She is also played in Peyton Place. Her name is Barbara Parkins and I think Our Bessie (Slush) looks just like her. Whattya think?

    [​IMG] and 1889-0004.jpg
  2. Yes! She looks very much like her! Lovely girl!

    Good eye there, Lexie!
  3. WOW Lexie you are right on the money!!
  4. Yes...that's pretty darn close! Lexie, you certainly have an eye for beauty...but then we already knew that by your gorgeous collection of handbags.
  5. haha :smile: thats awsome lexie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :smile: :love:thank you so much what a compliment as that actress is gorgeous! :smile:

    now forever whenever i get that question that sometimes comes up, weve all been asked it, who do you think you look like? or if you had to pick a movie star you looked most like who would it be
    my answer will be Barbara Parkins ! :smile:

    hehe seriously lexie that was the best wake up surprise ever! :smile::love: Made my day! (which i needed as now i head to school to get back a midterm im scared to look at!!!!!!)

    you ladies are amazing ! :heart: :heart: you all!!! :smile:
  6. Wow lexie, you are right... Bess, you're just lovely!!!
  7. I definitely agree! Bessie, when you start starring on the big screen with Ryan O'Neil please don't forget about us little people!!! You look gorgeous!
  8. Bessie, you are one rockin' Chick and I think you haven't been told that enough lately by your response. Now go put on that heavy eyeliner, and bouffant your hair...and your ready for the big time...LOL

    That movie was on this Winter. I saw it several times and read the book. It has a haunting theme song but I really hated Patty Duke's character. Sharon Tate was also in it (the beautiful actress killed in the Manson murders).
  9. Bessie, may I have your autograph???? *s
  10. Yep, Bess, that's you alright:yahoo: That really is a stunning photo of you in your avatar!
  11. Haha, me too, me too! :smile:
  12. oh she does look like Bessie! I've heard of the movie but never seen it. I must go add it to my Netflix.
  13. awwww you guys are all sossoso sweet :smile: I accidently napped when i got home just woke up and i finally am looking around and i see all these wonderful things you wrote

    ***signs all the autographs :smile: smiles for the camera** haha

    babyk i have to add it to my netflix too!!! :smile: i read part of the book never finsihed it or saw the movie! :smile:

    YOu guys have no idea after seeing that picture of me in the avitar again and seeing the comparison picture to the actress when i first woke up, one of the 1st things I did on my way home was i GOT MY EYEBROWS WAXED haha :smile: i have been sososososoos busy i totally forgot about ever doing them and i thought they looked ok until i realized how much better they looked in my picture haha :smile: NOW they are back to normal!!!! :smile: and look MUCH more like Barbara Parkins beautifully shaped brows