OT:I woke up to THIS!

  1. Up here in Maine we woke up to...
    Over a FOOT of SNOW!:wtf:
    I guess mother nature was late with her April Fools joke!
    And we had just cleaned the yard last week!
    It's great for the skiers!:yes:But I don't ski.:shrugs:
    I don't mind though and it IS pretty!
    Thought all you Southern girls would like the pics!




  2. It's beautiful, but I sure like the spring weather, cold front is coming thur here too, hopefully no snow but in the 30's
  3. Adorable doggies! Is that a long haired lab? We have one that looks exactly the same down the street..he's in love with me. Sometimes I'll go outside and he'll be waiting by my front door for me. Bad sometimes though because I have a chihuahua that he wants to eat. And look at the cute little puggie!! I absolutely LOVE them!

    I feel you on the snow. We got hit a few times this year but I totally hate it. Makes driving dangerous since my college never closes for anything. I swear, there could be a typhoon outside and classes would still be in session! Stay warm and toasty--drink lots of hot chocolate and put on your fuzzy slippers!
  4. Beautiful! We Went from 80* to 37* almost overnight! No wonder everyone keeps getting a cold in my house!


    We had a DUSTING of snow at my house (in CT) and proabably only because I live at a higher elevation.

    I can't believe last week I was out walking during lunch wearing capris and a tee shirt with the sleeves rolled up. today I have my Uggs on!

    CRAZY New England weather! I'm honestly ready for spring now please...

    ps - love your doggers! My husband's cousin has a Pug named "Weezer"...cause that's the sound he makes! he weezes!
  6. WOW, pretty but crazy! I hope it's the last snow of the year for you! It's time to warm up, isn't it?
  7. Awwww, love the little angel babies! How cute. The snow is really pretty too. We didnt get any snow this year :sad: I have wanted to live in Maine for quite some time. Thanks for the pics.
  8. The weather has definitely gotten strange around here -- it was 80 degrees earlier this week, I wore a light summer dress to seder on Monday and it is in the 30s with snow flurries today.

    I can't remember there EVER being snow in April:confused1:
  9. oooh winter wonderland!
  10. wow that is some snowfall I love your pugs face he's like "what the hell!"
  11. wow! I so can't do snow, pretty to look at....but not for me
  12. ACK!! Seeing that picture makes me feel cold!!

    It is very pretty though :smile:
  13. LOL... WOW!! We got a few inches of snow last night in Michigan, but you guys definately got more!! :yes:

    It's not supposed to be snowing!! It's April!! :p
  14. LMAO @ your pug's face! The other doggie is gorgeous also. :smile:
  15. How beautiful!! Cute dog!