OT: I discovered the ignore function

  1. It's under User CP on the Menu bar. I am enjoying the Hermes subforum again! Yay!
  2. Lol :lol: Good for you coco-nut! ;):biggrin:
  3. No worries, I took care of the thread flooding problem.
  4. What is a "thread flooding problem" (confused!).
  5. Thank you!! And LOL Coco-Nut!!
  6. Ditto Greentea!

  7. One of the members decided to post a multitude of new threads, flooding the whole forum page with her threads. I removed a vast majority. :idea:
  8. was that the person who kept posting tons of pics everywhere?
  9. I am unaware of any pics... :blink:

  10. Thanks Vlad, you're so awesome! LOL Coco-nut, I too am using the Ignore function much more...it is especially useful in the Hermes subforum. *grin*
  11. Thanks for the explanation, Vlad. Am getting it now!
  12. Okay, fine. I apologise. I won't post threads so frequently. I post threads also just to get your views. The forum has the same thread over and over again. Nothing new. So, it's quite boring. Once again, sorry. End of story.
  13. Nice! :biggrin: