OT - Having a hard time w/ home improvements!

  1. ok ladies -
    I have been so busy this week trying to find a good contractor to do some work on my closet and a few other details - here is my horrible luck I have had so far. and I feel like crying.

    - did a yahoo search and found a local handyman - he showed up, gave me a nice affordable quote, I went and got the materials, and then he never showed up.

    - called a handyman service from the promotional mailers I get in the mail. they quoted me over 5 times more than the guy who stood me up. so I said no thank you.

    - found someone in the pennysaver magazine who came over, gave me a good quote and the creeps. he would NOT leave and kept hitting on me. gross.

    - went to lowes and home depot and they both said they do not do installations.

    - asked my brother to do it. he said yes but not until the middle of fall because the baby's room needs to be done. (which means it won't happen).

    - ask my dad to do it - he says he's too old and to call home depot.

    - called my friend's boyfriend and offered him to do it for good cash, he said yes, but changed his mind because he would rather play on his softball tourny during his time off.

    - found someone on craig'slist who came over but admitted he really didn't know what he was doing when it came to measuring stuff out. :blink:

    it's been a looooooooooooooong week ladies!
  2. oh im so sorry! I hope you find a reliable handyman that is not a pervert! Good Luck.:flowers::biggrin::roflmfao:
  3. Check the local newspaper. Look for someone who is insured.
  4. gosh, it's terrible!!!
    i hope you'll find somebody you can trust in very soon!!!
    good luck:flowers:
  5. I'm sorry you're going through this. I know exactly how you feel. We bought our current house a little over four years ago, and we have had to remodel the whole thing from top to bottom. I'm talking about taking it down to the wall studs in the kitchen, family room and bathrooms. It seems like we've been in a constant state of remodeling since we've lived here.

    Like you, we've had contractors who never show up at all. Word of mouth is about your best bet, but you can't even count on that, because some of the people we've tried to hire on someone's recommendation haven't shown up. I wouldn't use Home Depot or Lowe's, though. Their prices are very inflated and they are not the easiest people to work with. When we redid our kitchen and family room, there was a bank of cabinets that we took out that were kind of encroaching on the family room. Anyway, under the carpet in the family room was that old-fashioned tile you have to lay down with heat or whatever, but under the cabinets, it was just the concrete foundation. Now, I'm talking about tile that is probably about 1/16 of an inch thick. When Home Depot came to give us an estimate for carpet, they said they wouldn't lay the carpet because of the patch of bare concrete. They said they wouldn't lay the carpet because of the *different floor heights.* After that, I knew I'd never have them come out again if they've got foolish rules like that.

    Good luck and hope you find someone soon!
  6. It will be a cold day in :devil: when a contractor actually shows up when they say they will. I wish I had some good advice for you. I use a lot of labor for renovations, some are better than others, so far they all show up eventually. Right now I am having a patio installed in my backyard. These people are union laborers from a commercial company. So far they are the most reliable. Obviously, you don't want to go that way for a closet.

    Good luck. :yes:
  8. sorry. hope you can find someone soon.