OT .. Fridge magnets

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  1. Lol thought I'd post about my other obsession - I love collecting / trading fridge magnets from places, with place names, famous land marks etc. If anyone would like to trade one from their town / city / country / landmark :smile: .. for one from Texas let me know by PM .. my favourite one I have is from Ushuiaha (Sp) Argentina, I was there as a stop on a cruise once and it has one of a map of Antarctica and a Penguin, don't know if I can top that for a fav but maybe :smile:

    Oh yeah and I do ACEOs .. Art Card Editions and originals .. I paint 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inch original paintings and I'd trade one of those for a fridge manget from anywhere :smile: on Ebay type ACEO and you'll see all these little art pieces from people all over the world and I contribute as well doing acrylic metallic paintings mostly.

  2. OH how fun! I have nothing BTW!
  3. My mom is the same. Our fridge is covered with em. I always get her one when I go places.
  4. Collecting things is fun. I am not a collector of anything. Don't know why any of us would want a refrig magnet from Jersey though lol
  5. How fun! I can get you an Ensenada, Baja California magnet the next time I am downtown. :smile:
    PM me your address if you would like one. I would be happy to send one to you!
  6. I got a couple of really cool ones when I took my daughters to Ireland.

    I'll trade you a Ruby Slippers magnet (ala Wizard of Oz - I'm keeping the Glinda one, though) for a Texas one. Just PM me with your address, and I'll PM you mine.
  7. Vista these ACEO's you were talking about are way cool......but what do you do with them?......i found so many ones i love on ebay


  8. I could send you one from Okinawa if you PM your address!:biggrin:
  9. lol That is really cute Vista! I wish I could send you some, but I dont have any fridge magnets :[
  10. I love fridge magnets. My favorites are ones with very sarcastic sayings. Our fridge is filled with magnets :love:

  11. LOL - I have one - I am from Jersey and picked one up at Newark Airport last year after a trip out there, does that make me an official dork? :P
  12. Nope, I feel special you just want to be like me LOL
    Jersey girl with attitude lol, you remind yourself of that with the magnet!